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Amnesty International Is Considering Legal Action For Misuse of Its Name

Recently, a Press Release (Urdu) bearing the letterhead of the Amnesty International was widely circulated through social media which purportedly condemned the killings of Hazaras and declared it as Genocide. The contents of the same PR were published in the Balochistan’s local newspapers. After thorough examination of the PR, HUM, UK contacted AI’s international secretariat to establish the authenticity of such statement. The AI, in subsequent emails, expressed their concern over genuineness of the PR and urged that all such statements related to its organisation, are issued by its headquarters which can be accessed by visiting its website.

AI has also expressed intent to take legal action against all those misusing its name by issuing unwarranted press statements.

HUM, UK, appeals to all human rights defenders, activists and campaigners to exercise due vigilance before disseminating news from dubious and unreliable sources, specially when they pertain to persecution of beleaguered minority communities.

Targeted Killings of Hazara Women in Quetta Lament Government’s Complicity

Targeted Killings of Hazara Women in Quetta Lament Government’s Complicity
Dead Body of a Victim

Dead Body of a Victim

Today’s unfortunate incident of targeted killings which took the lives of 5 innocent Hazara women in Quetta, Balochistan is the worst example of Pakistan’s federal and Balochistan’s provincial governments for protecting the religious extremists in the restive province. The victims were commuting home on a local bus when the terrorists stopped the vehicle, identified their targets and shot them instantly.

Meanwhile, Lashker-e-Jhangvi Al Alami claims the responsibility of the attack in a telephone call to the NNI.

Although previous reports have confirmed that ASWJ, Lej, Al Qaeda and recently-emerged ISIS are executing such attacks in concert, and despite government being aware of their collaborations, has taken no practical steps to prosecute their leaders under National Action Plan. The constitution of Pakistan obligates the government and security agencies for providing foolproof safety to its citizens. Unfortunately, in preceding cases of terrorist attacks on Hazaras, the government exercised a complete sense of marginalisation and alienation towards them. The government’s inaction against religious extremists of ASWJ and its affiliates in Balochistan renders the former complicit and supportive to the terrorists, hence, making her indictable for crimes against humanity. In a similar example, today the three-bench member of the Supreme Court conducted a suo moto hearing of the incidence of 8th August which targeted lawyers in Quetta’s civil hospital. The bench held security agencies responsible for the attack.

The government of Pakistan has never taken any meaningful action against the religious extremists who have set up training camps in parts of Balochistan province, harbouring and facilitating terrorist attacks in the province and throughout the country in an effort to deepen the gulf between various ethno-religious communities. In recent examples of suicide attacks in Pakistan, the intelligence reports have confirmed that the suicide bombers were dispatched from Balochistan but the government never took any serious action against the masterminds, abetters, financiers and collaborators.

In particular, Shafeeq Mengal and Ramzan Mengal are proactively supporting terrorist activities especially against the Hazaras but the government has turned a completely blind eye to this sensitive matter.

Documentary Highlights Intolerance and Hope For Pakistan

Never Forget, Londonbranch of a Pakistani non-governmental organisation, hosted an important event at SOAS, Vernon Square, London on 23-02-2016 to screen the recently-prepared documentary of Minority Rights Group InternationalThe purpose of organising the event was to showcase religious hatred, bigotry and intolerance which was initially aimed at minorities but this menace has not tilted towards mainstream Pakistani society. The documentary started with interviews of the heirs of Hazara victims becoming targets in various targeted attacks in Quetta, then, it slowly moves to inter-marriages of Shias and Sunnis and the extent of problems they face being family units of different sects. The documentary also captured glimpses of Sufism and ending with constructive notes from interviewees of all faiths about the future of the country.

Screenshot of the Documentary (Photo Courtesy: Never Forget, London)

Screenshot of the Documentary (Photo Courtesy: Never Forget, London)

Ali Raza of Never Forget, London hosted the event who briefly introduced the salient points.

Ali Raza Hosting the Event

Ali Raza Hosting the Event

Liaquat Ali Hazara was requested to give introduction about the Pakistani Hazaras. After thanking the host and the other organisers of the show, he highlighted about the Hazaras’ history and how they are living in modern-day Pakistan. His introductory session consisted of three sections, ie., (i) the migration of Hazaras to then sub-continent, (ii) current challenges and (iii) Expectations of Hazaras from HR Organisations and International Community.



Later, Carl Soderbergh, Director of Policy and Communications at the Minority Rights Group International and Emma Eastwood, Senior Media Officer of the same organisation were invited to share their views. Carl Soderbergh mentioned about the brief history of MRG and HR activities across the globe while Emma Eastwood talked about their firm resolve in protecting rights of minorities and liaising with respective governments in respect of human rights violations.

Carl Soderbergh (Director Policy and Communication, MRG)

Carl Soderbergh (Director Policy and Communication, MRG)

Emma Eastwood (Senior Media Officer, MRG)

Emma Eastwood (Senior Media Officer, MRG)

The last part of the show consisted of interactive debate and feedback on the rights of minorities.

Rights Activists at SOAS

Rights Activists at SOAS

Geo and Jang Newspaper covered the event. For viewing the documentary and video coverage of the event, please visit our facebook page.

Jang Coverage of the Event

Jang Coverage of the Event

(Photos Courtesy: Never Forget London)

HUM Shall Raise the Issue of Genocide of Hazaras in the United Nations in Geneva this Year

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

This is extremely worrying to see that people are being target killed in Quetta, Pakistan because of their racial, religious and faith-based profiling. In contrast, the failure of Pakistani government and its security establishments in providing fool proof security and protection to minorities is perverse and inconsistent with Universal Charter of Human Rights and the Declaration of  the UN for Minorities. These resolutions obligate Pakistan, as a signatory, to ensure complete safety and protection of minorities at all cost. Unfortunately, the recent waves of targeted attacks of Hazaras and Shias in Quetta cast doubt over constitutional role of security agencies of Pakistan whose incompetence have caused panic and fear among citizens.

In the last five days, the targeted-killings of four (4) innocent people with another critically  injured in Quetta, Pakistan exhibit vacillation of Pakistani authorities in establishing its writ and ridding the country of the menaces of intolerance, religious extremism and terrorism. In comparison, Pakistani media regularly gives coverage to the press statements of banned religious and terrorist organisations. Media’s such irresponsible action is mockery of the law where Balochistan High Court, through its decision in 2013, forbade Pakistani media outlets from publishing statements of banned religious organisations.

The State owes a responsibility in implementing courts’ decision without fail and expeditious action should be taken against all those media groups responsible for promoting and glorifying heinous acts of intolerance and terrorism in the country.

Keeping in view the perpetual killings of Hazara minority in Pakistan and Afghanistan which have caused their unprecedented displacement and migration to other countries, HUM announces to raise these issues of  huge human rights violations at United Nations’ forthcoming session in November this year in Geneva.

Pakistan’s Complicity Implies Clean-chit to Religious Extremists and Terrorists

Victims of Joint Road Incident

Victims of Joint Road Incident

Quetta city witnessed the cold-blooded murder of three innocent people today outside yet another bustling and crowded Government Department when “unknown” motorcycle riders target-killed them in a broad day light. Two brothers Hasan Raza and Shabbir Hussain lost their lives on the spot while their parents have sustained critical bullet injuries who are fighting for their lives in a local hospital. Reportedly, a policeman on duty succumbed to his injuries who dared firing on the target-killers and receiving retaliatory shots. After the incident, the CCPO, Capital Police promptly claimed to have identified the killers but hundreds of such previous attacks still try to determine as to how the perpetrators remain unpunished in the last 16 years provided the proven agility and efficiency of law enforcement agencies in knowing the killers.

In a separate incident yesterday, over 20 innocent shoppers including women became injured owing to a bomb blast in the heart of the city centre which also took the lives of two people.

Prior to that on 1 July, three people lost their lives as a result of a targeted attack on a shop on Sirki Road who were quietly buried the same day in Hazara Graveyard Alamdar Road.

The Pakistan’s Federal Government as well as the Balochistan’s Provincial Government have hurriedly issued rote condemnation statements blaming foreign hands behind the previous two incidents while today’s incident is likely to attract the same level of government’s attention. However, given the threshold of complicity exhibited by the Pakistani Government towards these perpetual killings, it is transpired that she has granted clean-chits to the religious extremists and terrorists to exercise the title of “the unknown” at discretion.

Hazara Diaspora Meets the Pakistani High Commissioner for UK Syed Ibne Abbas In London

A delegation of Hazara Diaspora met the Pakistani High Commissioner for UK, Syed Ibne Abbas, in the Pakistani High Commission in London on 02-06-2015. The delegation expressed their concerns on increasing unlawful activities of the banned religious extremist organisations in Quetta.

A delegation of the Hazara Diaspra, under the leadership of Haji Agha Marzooq Ali, held one hour meeting with the Pakistani High Commissioner for UK, Syed Ibne Abbass, against the ongoing persecution and targeted attacks on Hazaras in Quetta. The delegation, particularly, expressed grave concerns over the increasing activities of banned religious extremist organisations in Quetta. The delegation expressed surprise as to how these  incidents of targeted killings in a city like Quetta have been happening unabated whereas no terrorist has ever been apprehended or prosecuted. Unlike Quetta, the terrorists involved in attacking an Army Public School in Peshawar in December last year; have either been arrested or killed. Similarly, the terrorists involved in Safoora Chowrangi incident have also been nabbed by the law enforcement agencies.

The delegation, while condemning the recent Mastung Incident, said that one major incident against the Pashtun community brings the Pakistani Prime Minister and his cabinet to Quetta for holding an All Parties Conference, however, the government never showed any interest in calling an APC for Hazaras’ killings given the magnitude of the previous such terrorist attacks on them.

At the end of the meeting, the Pakistani High Commissioner was handed over a Petition and the High Commissioner ensured the delegation to relay it to the Government of Pakistan.

The delegation included Haji Agha Marzooq Ali, Fida Hussain, Abdul Wahed, Sadiq Noyan and Liaquat Ali Hazara.

News Coverage of the Meeting (Jang Newspaper)

News Coverage of the Meeting (Jang Newspaper)


Pakistani civil society should break silence against ongoing terrorist attacks on Shias

Relatives of the victims comfort each other at PIMS Hospital in Islamabad. PHOTO: ONLINE

Relatives of the victims comfort each other at PIMS Hospital in Islamabad. PHOTO: ONLINE

Yet another terrorist attack in the last two weeks depicts the misfortune of the Pakistani citizens, especially Shias who are continuously facing these threats on their religious gatherings and places of worship. The timing and the will of the latest attack on Qasr-e-Sakina in Islamabad Imam Bargah today prove that the terrorists and religious extremists have mounted such attacks on minorities in an effort to dismantle the already developed national momentum and understanding for concrete action against all those who  dare challenge the writ of the state.

Hazara United Movement (HUM), United Kingdom firmly condemns such attacks and appeals to the civil society for standing up against terrorists to save the country. Such attacks must further strengthen the resolve and determination of the general public to fight terrorism with vigour and enthusiasm. Pakistani citizens have already done the utmost for cleansing the country off religious extremism, sectarianism, terrorism and militancy.

The Government of Pakistan must take bold and decisive action against all forms of terrorism, their sympathisers, foreign and international financiers and revamping the curriculum of the seminaries for better Pakistan.
The mainstream political leaders and parties, glorifying terrorism in the guise of Jihad must be taken into task and tried in the Special Trial Courts.

Joint Protest outside Pakistan High Commission London against killings of Pakistani Shias

Hazara United Movement (HUM) and the Hazara International Forum of Great Britain jointly held a protest in front of Pakistani High Commission in London on 16-02-2015 to express solidarity with the minorities of Pakistan especially raising voice against the ongoing terrorist attacks on religious gatherings of Pakistani Shias. The protest started at 12:00 noon which continued till 3:00 PM. Despite harsh weather conditions, the protesters of all walks of life and mainstream Pakistani political strata braved the cold and rainy weather and protested for three consecutive hours. The representatives of the United Muslim Organisation, the UK Chapter of the Pakhtoonkhawa Milli Awami Party (PMAP) with its UK and Europe Secretary and other members also braced the occasion with their presence. While Shia ulemas also showed up to support the cause. The protesters displayed placards with inscriptions which read
33 security and intelligence agencies bigger then the size of Pakistan army but still terrorism?,
Saudi-funded seminaries should be closed down,
Implement National Action Plan without any delay,
Expedite the Death Sentencing of terrorists and religious extremists
The way to heaven is not from Pakistan,
Killings innocents shall never allure the virgins of heaven,
Extremisms + Terrorism = Pakistani seminaries

At the end of the protest, a Petition was handed over to the Pakistan High Commission who promised to relay it to the Government of Pakistan while conveying the retrospective response of its government to the Organisers soon.

Please click on the following links to read the news coverage of the protest.

Mohamed Walji
Press TV, London

The perpetual killings of the Shia community in Pakistan has caused anger, and sparked protest outside the Pakistani High Commission in London this week.

The number of Shia Muslims killed in Pakistan has been rising. A recent attack took place during Friday prayers at a mosque in Peshawar that saw the deaths of at least 20 people and those here today are saying enough is enough.
Those in attendance were calling for the international community to take action.

Central to the protest was the anger placed on the Pakistani Government. A petition handed to the countries High Commissioner Syed Ibne Abbas concluded the complicity of government officials could not be ruled out. Especially when the intelligence and security agencies in Pakistan are larger than the nations army itself thus making it unlikely they would completely fail to stop such attacks happening.

The protest organizers said they will continue to fight until the bloodshed of innocent people in Pakistan ends.HUM + HIF Protest (16-02-2015)
(Source I)

(Source II)

Static Protest in front of Pakistani High Commission London

File Picture

File Picture

Hazara International Forum of Great Britain and Hazara United Movement (HUM), United Kingdom have decided to jointly hold a static protest against the relentless terrorist attacks on Pakistani Shias which have, so far, killed over 85 innocent people and injuring hundreds of others. The protest will take place in front of the Pakistani High Commission in London. The details of the programmes are as under:

Date: 16-02-2015 

Venue: Pakistani High Commission, London, 34-36 Lowndes Square, London SW1X 9JN 
              (Nearest Tube Station ~ Piccadilly Line) 

Time: 12:00 Noon to 15:00 Hours

Contact: Haji Agha Marzooq Ali
                (Chairman – Hazara International Forum of Great Britain – 07746 872 535)

                Liaquat Ali Hazara
                (Chairman – Hazara United Movement (HUM), UK – 07435 523 821)

Please participate in large numbers to express solidarity with the oppressed people of Pakistan.

Incessant attacks on Pakistani Shias speak volumes of government’s complicity.

Pakistani security personnel inspect the mosque following the attack. A Majeed/AFP / Getty Images

Pakistani security personnel inspect the mosque following the attack. A Majeed/AFP / Getty Images

Hazara United Movement (HUM), United Kingdom is particularly saddened at this crucial time when the Pakistani Government is using delaying tactics in implementing the National Action Plan which could, otherwise, minimize such attacks.  The recent attacks on Shia worshippers in Friday congregations display the sheer negligence and apathy of the federal and provincial governments in thwarting such heinous crimes. It seems that the Pakistani government is siding with religious extremists and terrorists who can successfully execute such actions at will.

The Pakistani religious schools and seminaries, which are mostly funded by Arab countries; have become the epicentre of spreading hatred, harbouring and producing religious fanatics and defaming Islam. The government must take stern action against those madrasas which are involved in carrying out such terrorist attacks. After thorough investigation, the Saudi-funded seminaries, glorifying and promoting terrorism, on the pretext of Jihad, should be closed down permanently while their proprietors should be prosecuted. The Pakistani seminaries, which only promote the orthodox and wayward Wahabi views; must be taken into task for creating such chaotic law and order situation in the country.

Pakistan’s all-time powerful cadre, in the corridors of powers, must decide as to how long more they intend to burn the country and justify the killings of innocent people just due to the difference of opinion, creed, race, faith and religious belief. This is the fundamental responsibility of the government to ensure all citizens are protected from such menaces.

The government should implement the National Action Plan without any further delay and those responsible for harbouring, promoting and financing terrorist activities, should be prosecuted in order to rid the country of bigots and religious extremists.

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