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HUM Participates In an Event Marked to Raise Voice for Minorities of Pakistan

Never Forget London, part of an international NGO which consists of members of civil society in the UK as well as in Pakistan to raise voice against persecution and show solidarity with minorities of Pakistan, held an event outside Pakistani High Commission London on 14-06-2015. The event started at 15:00 hours which included slogans against religious intolerance, militancy and terrorism in Pakistan. The event was coupled with revolutionary, devotional and attributive songs to pay tribute to the innocent Pakistani civilians who became the targets of religious bigotry, extremism and terrorism.

HUM also joined the event to support such cause and Liaquat Ali Hazara was requested to make a speech expressing solidarity with victims of extremism.


He thanked the organisers of the event for inviting HUM and incorporating the voice of Hazaras who, like other extremist-hit Pakistanis, would like to be heard, solaced and sympathized with. He started with describing the colours of the Pakistani flag and said the Green represents Islam while Crescent and Five-rayed star symbolizes prosperity and the white stripe symbolizing minorities. But, unfortunately, mammoth targeted attacks and suicide bombings have completely changed the White Stripe into Red which can only be restored to its previous order provided the state takes stern action in eradicating the menace of religious extremism and terrorism from country. He quoted the verses of the Quran and said that Allah has fixed a day for punishing the wrong-doers as well as rewarding the righteous ones and no one has the right to take the lives of others on the pretext of booking a plot in heaven. He continued that Pakistan was founded by secular leaders such as Quaid-e-Azam who emancipated his countrymen from religious bigotry and faith-based hatred by saying that you can go to your mosques, churches and other places of worship and the state has nothing to do with it. He assured the event-attendees that the youth can restore the true spirit of Quaid’s Pakistan by defying mullah’s false interpretation of Islamic teachings and injunctions.  He appealed to the audience to use their resources and raise voice against discriminatory and derogatory laws in Pakistan which have usurped the rights of women and minorities such as the Hudood Ordinance and the Blasphemy Law. He stressed upon the need that these laws be repealed as they have always been used to further the political interests of mullahs.

He also revealed to the audience that the Hazaras in Pakistan feel more pain than others whenever religious extremists and terrorists kill innocent people. He said that whenever such a tragic incident happens anywhere in the country, the Hazaras take out candle-lit processions on Alamdar Road Quetta as well as organise fatheha khawani for the departed souls while pray for rapid recovery of the injured.

The event ended peacefully at 17:00 hours and Never Forget London’s branch in Karachi Pakistan will hold a similar event on 16-06-2015. More pictures and video coverage of the event will become available soon.

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Two Days Sit-in Protest Outside Pakistani High Commission London Ended Peacefully

20150610_111556[1] The two-day sit-in protest, which started at 10 PM on 10-6-2015, ended peacefully with mutual consultation and consent of Hazara leadership in Quetta.

The sit-in protest managed to secure the safe release of Athar Khan Hazara who was abducted by Frontier Corps from Spin Karze Coal Depot without any viable charge. This abduction came in the wake of the recent fiery speeches of Tahir Khan Hazara, a veteran politician, who sharply criticized Pakistan army and the intelligence agencies for being complicit in perpetual targeted attacks. Tahir Khan Hazara started his political career with working with Ghaos Buksh Bezinjo of National Party.
This retaliatory abduction of Athar Khan Hazara reflects the typical mindset of the security agencies in exerting maximum pressure on campaigners and politicians in Pakistan with an effort of curbing criticism against army and intelligence agencies of Pakistan.


Tahir Khan Hazara is widely respected by Hazaras and non-Hazaras alike due of his vivid standpoint on Pakistan’s discriminatory and self-centered policies against the minorities. His vocal and honest viewpoints about the killings of Hazaras in Pakistan raised eyebrows of civil and military establishment who resorted to abduction of his innocent son without credible charges. These arbitrary actions against honest and sincere people in Pakistan has alienated their interests and sympathies towards state organs.

It is highly likely that prospective sit-in protests and demonstrations, organised outside Pakistani Missions on a foreign soil, could get out of control due to cold and unprofessional attitude of the diplomatic officials. Similar trend of the diplomatic staff was witnessed in the two day sit-in protest outside Pakistani High Commission in London. Such official malpractice was manifested by its Head of Chancery and the incumbent High Commission whose behaviour as such has brought disrepute to the Government of Pakistan.

Despite attempts from the Chief Organiser of the sit-in protest for meeting the Pakistani High Commissioner to convey their demands, the Head of Chancery and other staff of the High Commission exhibited reluctance in facilitating such a meeting. Similarly, the Pakistani High Commissioner feels pride in portraying himself as a viceroy, with the support of the red tape in the High Commission, which has further tarnished the already dilapidated reputation of Pakistan on a foreign soil.

HUM is thankful to all those who showed their support and sympathy to the protesters by phone, emails, text messages as well as joining the sit-in protest with their families and kids. We are, particularly, thankful to Dunya TV Channel for coverage of the event.

Visit our facebook page to view the video coverage of the event.

The Government of Pakistan Should Accept the Constitutional and Legitimate Demands of Pakistani Hazaras Immediately.

Slogan From London Sit-in Protest

Slogan From London Sit-in Protest

The Pakistani Hazaras are not only facing the brunt of religious extremism in Quetta but also braving the unconstitutional and extra extra judicial attempts of its security agencies which have significantly targeted all those who make efforts in bringing awareness among the masses through their thought-provoking speeches and writings. Unfortunately, the abduction of Athar Khan Hazara from Quetta’s coal depot is a similar practice by the security agencies of Pakistan. Athar Khan Hazara is the son of a veteran Hazara politician, Tahir Khan Hazara, who has huge support from Hazaras and non-Hazaras in Balochistan’s capital Quetta. Tahir Khan Hazara has amassed this support because of his out-spoken and honest approach towards political and social issues in the country.


His son’s abduction from their Coal Depot in Quetta is deemed as a retaliatory attempt of the security personnel to suppress the voice of the Hazaras. This is evident that Pakistan’s Federal and Balochistan’s Provincial Governments have clearly signalled that they can adopt unconstitutional measures to curb the condemnation and criticism of Pakistani citizens on the government. Tahir Khan Hazara’s only guilt is his sharp criticism of the government towards lack of security arrangements for minorities.

Another Slogan From London Sit-in Protest

Another Slogan From London Sit-in Protest

The London sit-in protest, jointly organised by the Hazara International Forum of Great Britain and Hazara United Movement (HUM), UK outside Pakistani High Commission from 10 PM on 09-06-2015 is ongoing until the legitimate demands of the Quetta protesters are met.

Similarly, HUM strongly condemns the extra judicial and unconstitutional attempt of the Pakistani Government in abducting the son of Tahir Khan Hazara and demands his immediate and unconditional release.

HUM (Slogan)

Quetta City-dwellers Should Play Their Part In Containing the Waves of Targeted Killings

(Meezan Chowk Incident - A Dead Body Being Shifted To Hospita)l

(Meezan Chowk Incident – A Dead Body Being Shifted To Hospita)

Another attack took the lives of five (5) innocent Hazaras in Quetta which has happened days after the meeting of the Hazara Diaspora with the Pakistani High Commission in London who assured of Government’s foolproof measures in securing the lives of people, especially of Hazaras, in Pakistan. While the lack of will of the Pakistan’s Federal and Balochistan’s Provincial Governments is profusely disparaging in taking decisive action against the so-called religious extremists who can terrorize the entire Quetta city with impunity, the deliberate silence and non-cooperation of the city-dwellers approves of their complicity in attacks against the Hazaras.

Pakistan has utterly failed to implement the true spirit of the 21st Constitutional Amendment which was approved in a joint session of the Parliament in January this year. Similarly, the implementation of the 20 Points Agenda of the National Action Plan is completely blurred given the existing waves of terrorist attacks against the minorities especially the Hazaras. The officially banned religious extremist organisations are still carrying out their mantra of spreading religious hatred, inciting derogatory slogans and glorifying killings of minorities including Hazaras under the nose of the Government and the law enforcement agencies. The defiant fully operational activities of internationally-designated terrorist organisations in Pakistan are an open secret which has further deteriorated the law and order situation in the country.

Seemingly, the Balochistan’s Provincial Government has turned a blind eye to the cold-blooded killings of the Hazaras although Balochistan-based nationalist parties are partners in power sharing in the province as well as in the Federal government.

These targeted attacks perpetrated against the peaceful Hazaras in the last 16 years have frequently occurred in bustling bazars and the city centre where the Pashtun community owns considerably large numbers of business establishments. The non-Hazara traders in the town witness these incidents but their reluctance in identifying the perpetrators corroborate the fact that they discreetly endorse these attacks in an effort to change the demographic landscape of the city.

This is about time that the non-Hazara city dwellers broke away from the confines of rote condemnations and helped contain such incidents.

Hazara Diaspora Meets the Pakistani High Commissioner for UK Syed Ibne Abbas In London

A delegation of Hazara Diaspora met the Pakistani High Commissioner for UK, Syed Ibne Abbas, in the Pakistani High Commission in London on 02-06-2015. The delegation expressed their concerns on increasing unlawful activities of the banned religious extremist organisations in Quetta.

A delegation of the Hazara Diaspra, under the leadership of Haji Agha Marzooq Ali, held one hour meeting with the Pakistani High Commissioner for UK, Syed Ibne Abbass, against the ongoing persecution and targeted attacks on Hazaras in Quetta. The delegation, particularly, expressed grave concerns over the increasing activities of banned religious extremist organisations in Quetta. The delegation expressed surprise as to how these  incidents of targeted killings in a city like Quetta have been happening unabated whereas no terrorist has ever been apprehended or prosecuted. Unlike Quetta, the terrorists involved in attacking an Army Public School in Peshawar in December last year; have either been arrested or killed. Similarly, the terrorists involved in Safoora Chowrangi incident have also been nabbed by the law enforcement agencies.

The delegation, while condemning the recent Mastung Incident, said that one major incident against the Pashtun community brings the Pakistani Prime Minister and his cabinet to Quetta for holding an All Parties Conference, however, the government never showed any interest in calling an APC for Hazaras’ killings given the magnitude of the previous such terrorist attacks on them.

At the end of the meeting, the Pakistani High Commissioner was handed over a Petition and the High Commissioner ensured the delegation to relay it to the Government of Pakistan.

The delegation included Haji Agha Marzooq Ali, Fida Hussain, Abdul Wahed, Sadiq Noyan and Liaquat Ali Hazara.

News Coverage of the Meeting (Jang Newspaper)

News Coverage of the Meeting (Jang Newspaper)


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