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Hazaras’ Mass Execution Continues Unabated In Afghanistan

Friday witnessed the bloodbath of young collegiate and university students in Dasht-e-Barchi area of west Kabul where the students had gathered for their mock exams. At the time of writing this condemnatory press statement, the death toll had surpassed a hundred while scores others were critically injured.

Scene picture showing the blood of innocent students (Dash-e-Barchi)

Dasht-e-Barchi’s densely Hazara populated educational establishments have come under fierce suicide bombings, terrorist and rocket attacks in recent months. The previous damning reports confirm that large proportion of the victims killed in these suicide attacks were school-going teenage girls. The huge human casualties in such terrorist attacks describe the paradigm shift in targeting the educated girl students of Hazara minority group. The state-sponsored terrorist attacks are predominantly aimed at frightening the beleaguered community to the extent that they stop learning education.

The Taliban have a proven track record of killing Hazaras for many decades and such killings by international human rights conventions are tantamount to genocide. The Taliban have orchestrated past terrorist attacks against Hazaras in the guise of other so-called terrorist organisations but the unchallengeable truth warrants stricter financial sanctions against them. The international community, the UN Security Council, the international human rights organisations and the world leaders owe a duty of care to the minority groups of Afghanistan. The UN Declaration on Human Rights and the UN Declaration on Minorities mandate that all international financial aids to Afghanistan should immediately be conditioned to a foolproof security of all minority groups including Hazaras in the country.

Three explosions in Kabul speak gruesome volumes of international apathy

File Photo

The three explosions at Abdul Rahim Shahid High School in Dasht-e-Barchi, western Kabul, a densely populated Hazara ethnic enclave speak heart-wrenching volumes of apathy at international level. The international community and the torchbearers and protagonists of human rights values have completely left out Afghanistan at the mercy of the Taliban who are otherwise known for their decade long track record of ruthless and subjugating policies towards ethnic minority groups in the country.

From decades of destroying schools, killing ethnic minority groups in large numbers and violating the fundamental human rights of Afghan citizens with impunity, the Taliban have honed their sabotaging skills by creating hypothetical terrorist organisations to fool international community that Afghanistan could further plunge into chaos if they were not supported, sustainable financial aids channels restored and they are not accepted as the de facto and legitimate rulers of the country. Worrying is the fact that international community has not taken any pragmatic steps to exert pressure on the Taliban for safeguarding the lives of Afghan minorities, enshrining equal rights to women, allowing girls to enjoy higher education rights and ensuring independent, free and unbiased media. Since the fall of Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban in mid August last year, they have been ruling the country as absolutists while completely ignoring to give fair and proportionate representation to the ethnic minority groups in government circles, judiciary and the executive.

International tenets and conventions have set out result-oriented, succinct and concise human rights principles which protect the lives of minority ethnic groups. These tenets and conventions state, in case of such violations where the killers are unknown, the state is held responsible for the lives and guaranteed protection of its citizens. However, the international community has, so far, completely ignored the gross human rights violations of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is bound to become the epicentre of terrorism in coming years aiming to target the western countries and their interests in the region should the international community flout its obligations and continue to neglect the cold-blooded persecution of minority groups in Afghanistan.

Ashraf Ghani Should Be Indicted for Crimes Against Humanity: Protesters Demand

A demonstration was held on 23-08-2018 outside 10 Downing Street, London from 12:30 PM to 4:00 PM against the genocide of beleaguered Hazaras in Afghanistan. The state-sponsored terrorists have targeted Hazaras through suicide bombings, targeted attacks and mass execution, especially attacking public places, schools, places of worship and homes etc to inflict maximum human casualty to all ages.

In a recent tragic incident, a private college was targeted by a suicide bomber in west Kabul on 15th August, 2018 when the teenage students were attending mock entry test exam for admissions to universities. The suicide attack killed 48 students instantly but, later, the death toll raised to 101 while leaving scores others critically injured.

The demonstration was organised to express solidarity with Hazara and other persecuted minorities of Afghanistan which attracted activists from Southampton, Kent, Burton-on-Trent, Birmingham and London etc. Unlike others, who reneged to their assurances by siting in the comfort of their homes with their wives and children, the protesters held placards and chanted slogans against Ashraf Ghani and the security agencies whose apathy towards their constitutional obligations of protecting the lives of Afghan citizens raised suspicions.  The placards read, “Ashraf Ghani Is the Karadzic of Afghanistan”, “International Community Should Stop War Politics in Afghanistan, “Do Not Use Hazaras as Scapegoats in Your Regional Rivalries”, “ICC Should Indict Asharf Ghani for Crimes Against Humanity”, “Afghan Govt. Should Stop Patronising Terrorists”, “For What Sin Was She Killed (81:9-Al Quran)”, “Hazara Diaspora Living in the UK Shall Never Leave Their Brothers Alone”, “Salute to the Fallen Heroes of Dasht-e-Barchi”, “Ashraf Ghani Should Stop Politics of Dead”, “Why the UN Is Silent on the Genocide of Hazaras”, “International Community Should Stop Hypocritical Tactics and Recognise the Genocide of Hazaras” and “Terrorism Shall Never Deter Us from Learning Education”, etc.

The demonstration was concluded by handing over a petition to the 10 Downing Street which demanded the following points:

(i) That the British government should announce an aid package for the victims of Dasht-e-Barchi.

(ii) That the British government, through its foreign mission in Afghanistan; should build educational and vocational establishments in far-flung areas of central Afghanistan, especially Hazara-populated areas so that they can learn education without life threats.

(iii) The UK government should exercise its powers to help International Criminal Court to institute the trial of Ashraf Ghani for committing Crimes against Humanity.

HUM, UK thanked all protesters for defying the odds, especially ethnic Tajik Activists and registering their voice against Genocide of Afghan Hazaras.

Demonstration Outside 10 Downing Street Against State-Sponsored Genocide of Hazaras in Afghanistan

Kid Traumatised After Recent Suicide Explosion in West Kabul, Afghanistan

The recent suicide bombing on a student centre in Dashth-e-Barchi area of west Kabul, Afghanistan, instantly killed 48 innocent students, who were attending the preparatory classes for the entry test to graduate admissions. The severity of the suicide explosion raised the death toll to over 100 students, with scores others critically injured.

Releasing the image of the purported suicide bomber through social media, ISIS claimed the responsibility of the attack and vowed for more such attacks against the beleaguered Hazara minority.

Such orchestrated suicide explosions cannot take place without complicity of Ashraf Ghani and the National Directorate of Security (NDS) who are involved in patronising the terrorist groups in Afghanistan to suppress the knowledge-seeking and university-going Hazaras and aim to confine hem to their localities. Nonetheless, the peaceful Hazara civilians have vowed to defy all imminent life threats and continue with their thirst for education with full determination.

Post Suicide Scene:
A critically injured Hazara student is seen sitting the entry test.

The systematic discrimination emanating from the Afghan Presidential place is overwhelmingly large and widespread which is tarnishing the already fragile atmosphere of peaceful co-existence among major Afghan ethnic groups. Such vivid discriminatory efforts of Ashraf Ghani forced the Hazaras to mobile the masses and form a civil resistance movement with the name of Enlightenment Movement. In order to justify their years’ long demonstrations, the Enlightenment Movement has compiled a list of Afghan ambassadors, currently serving in foreign mission. Sadly, 75% of ambassadorial positions have been occupied by the Pashtuns only. Such an attempt testifies the policy of favouritism, racial bigotry and dictatorship. 

HUM, therefore, announces to hold a demonstration outside 10 Downing Street on Thursday, 23-08-2018. The details of the demonstration are as under:

Name: Demonstration Outside 10 Downing Street Against State-Sponsored Genocide of Hazaras in Afghanistan

Date: 23-08-2018

Time: 12:00 Noon – 5:00 PM

Venue: 10 Downing Street, Westminster, London, SW1A 2AA

Nearest Tube Stations: Westminster

All human rights defenders, activists, campaigners, journalists, community leaders and people from other walks of life are requested to participate in the demonstration in large numbers to express their heart-felt and unreserved support to the innocent Afghans who were brutally killed in Dasht-e-Barchi, Kabul, Afghanistan on 15th August, 2018.

For queries, please contact

HUM Raised the Issue of Genocide of Hazaras in the 8th UN Session on Minorities Issues in Geneva

Hazara United Movement (HUM), United Kingdom sent a delegation of Hazara Diaspora to the 8th UN Session on Minority Issues in Geneva, Switzerland. The two-day conference was held on 24th and 25th of this month with side events taking place and addressing the issues faced by minorities world-over. The Delegation consisted of Agha Marzooq Ali, […]

Static Demonstration in front of 10 Downing Street Has Been Called Off

File Picture

File Picture

After a consultative meeting of Hazara Diaspora in UK, it has been unanimously agreed to call off the protest in front of 10 Downing Street, London. The protest outside 10 Downing Street to be held on 12-11-2015 was announced two days ago after a joint meeting of Hazara International Forum of Great Britain, Hazara United Movement (HUM), United Kingdom and other campaigners had finalized the event. The decision to hold the protest in front of 10 Downing Street came with honest and sincere view that such step shall bring huge human rights violations of Hazaras of Afghanistan into international limelight and urge the international community for playing their pivotal role in providing security and protection to Hazaras and other minorities in Afghanistan.

However, some saboteurs hurriedly booked another venue outside Afghan Embassy, London to hold such protest. It was because of their short-sightedness and amateur approach towards sensitive political issues who regard Afghan Embassy London superior to other international organisations in the UK and believe that holding a protest there shall provide ultimate salvation to predicament of under-represented Hazaras in Afghanistan.

Therefore, HIFGB, HUMUK and others who had announced earlier to hold the protest in front of 10 Downing Street on 12-11-2015 has been called off to pay homage to the recently beheaded Hazaras of Afghanistan and express resolute support to their aggrieved families.

Protest in front of 10 Downing Street London on 12-11-2015 against persecution of Hazaras

File Picture

File Picture

Hazara United Movement (HUM), United Kingdom and Hazara International Forum of Great Britain have organised a protest in front of 10 Downing Street, London on 12-11-2015 to highlight the ongoing persecution of Hazaras in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The peaceful protest is taking place at a time when the kidnappings and brutal beheadings of Hazara men, women and children have become regular occurrences in volatile Afghanistan, especially the recent kidnapping of seven (7) Hazara men, women and children in Zabol Province. The dead bodies of the abductees were found on 07-11-2015 with their throats slits and decapitated. Although, terrorist organisations such as the Taliban and Daesh (the newly-emerging Middle Eastern terrorist group) are blamed for these atrocities, however, the Afghan government cannot turn a blind eye to these regular incidences of persecution. In truth, Ashraf Ghani’s covert support to these terrorist organisations has further deteriorated the situation.

This nine years old boy's throat was slit in Zabol province, Afghanistan.

This nine years old boy’s throat was slit in Zabol province, Afghanistan.

Similarly, the protest will also raise voice against ongoing targeted-attacks on Hazaras in Quetta, Pakistan which have gained momentum in the past week or so. These attacks occur in broad daylight in busy town centre in Quetta but the Balochistan provincial government and the federal government still fail to arrest the perpetrators. The 16 years’ long perpetual  targeted attacks on people of a particular ethnicity and faith amount to GENOCIDE by any definition and must be recognized as such. Whilst, the failure of government in non-arrest of target-killers shows its complicity in such crimes.

Please spread the news and participate in this protest in large numbers to record your voice against the killings of persecuted people. The details of the programme are as under:

Event: Peaceful Demonstration

Venue: 10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA.

Date: 12-11-2015 (Thursday)

Time: 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Nearest Tube Station: Westminster (District, Circle and Jubilee Lines)

HUM Shall Raise the Issue of Genocide of Hazaras in the United Nations in Geneva this Year

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

This is extremely worrying to see that people are being target killed in Quetta, Pakistan because of their racial, religious and faith-based profiling. In contrast, the failure of Pakistani government and its security establishments in providing fool proof security and protection to minorities is perverse and inconsistent with Universal Charter of Human Rights and the Declaration of  the UN for Minorities. These resolutions obligate Pakistan, as a signatory, to ensure complete safety and protection of minorities at all cost. Unfortunately, the recent waves of targeted attacks of Hazaras and Shias in Quetta cast doubt over constitutional role of security agencies of Pakistan whose incompetence have caused panic and fear among citizens.

In the last five days, the targeted-killings of four (4) innocent people with another critically  injured in Quetta, Pakistan exhibit vacillation of Pakistani authorities in establishing its writ and ridding the country of the menaces of intolerance, religious extremism and terrorism. In comparison, Pakistani media regularly gives coverage to the press statements of banned religious and terrorist organisations. Media’s such irresponsible action is mockery of the law where Balochistan High Court, through its decision in 2013, forbade Pakistani media outlets from publishing statements of banned religious organisations.

The State owes a responsibility in implementing courts’ decision without fail and expeditious action should be taken against all those media groups responsible for promoting and glorifying heinous acts of intolerance and terrorism in the country.

Keeping in view the perpetual killings of Hazara minority in Pakistan and Afghanistan which have caused their unprecedented displacement and migration to other countries, HUM announces to raise these issues of  huge human rights violations at United Nations’ forthcoming session in November this year in Geneva.

House of Commons’ Conference Demands the International Community for Safe Release of Abducted Hazaras in Afghanistan

L-R, Mushtaq Lasherie, Ambur Rudd, Sadiq Noyan and Liaquat Ali Hazara

L-R, Mushtaq Lasherie, Ambur Rudd, Sadiq Noyan and Liaquat Ali Hazara

A conference was jointly organised and held in the Macmillan Room, Portcullis House, House of Commons on 11-03-2015 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The aim of the conference was to highlight the abduction of 30 Hazara Passengers who were dragged off local buses in Shah Joyee district of Zabul Province in Afghanistan on 24-02-2015. Although, the conference was organised with short span of one week arrangements, it managed to gather a good number of people of all walks of life including five serving MPs of the UK’s mainstream political parties. The appearance and input of the MPs, as such, is also appreciable who had to reschedule their pre-booked meetings and commitments in the ongoing election campaigns in their constituencies. Among other valuable guests, Mr. Sadiqzada Haji (representative of Ayatullah Mohaqiq Kabuli for Europe, Canada, America and Australia) made a special trip from Norway to Britain to attend and represent the people of Afghanistan. Along with him, Liaquat Ameri (Political Counsellor for Afghan Embassy in UK) furthered the viewpoint and initiatives of the Afghan Government for safe release of the Abductees.

Khalid Mehmood (Labour MP)

Khalid Mehmood (Labour MP)

The MPs, who attended the conference, included Khalid Mehmood (Labour), John McDonnell (Labour), Andrew George (Liberal Democrat), George Galloway (Chairman – Respect Party) and Amber Rudd (Conservative Under Secretary of State for Climate Change and the Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change). Ms Rudd, could not attend the conference due to her ministerial role and engagements, however, she dropped by to pledge full support of the Conservative and incumbent British Government over the abduction of innocent Hazara passengers. She also assured of unreserved support of the British Government in exercising its constitutional and international role for raising this issue through Foreign Office with the Afghan Government.

Andrew George (Liberal Democrat MP)

Andrew George (Liberal Democrat MP)

The APPG on the Third World Solidarity, Hazara International Forum of Great Britain and the Hazara United Movement (HUM), United Kingdom are profusely thankful to the valuable guests especially the UK MPs for sparing time and showing their unconditional solidarity with the families of the abductees.

Liaquat Ameri (Political Counselour - Afghan Embassy)

Liaquat Ameri (Political Counsellor – Afghan Embassy)

Haji Sadiqzada (Representative of Ayatullah Mohaqiq Kabuli for Europe, Canada, America and Australia)

Haji Sadiqzada (Representative of Ayatullah Mohaqiq Kabuli for Europe, Canada, America and Australia)

Mr. Galloway deserves huge gratitude for sparing one complete hour to support the initiative.

George Galloway (Chairman - Respect Party)

George Galloway (Chairman – Respect Party)

In pursuant of this dire matter, a meeting was also arranged with the Afghan Ambassador at the Afghan Embassy on 12-03-2015 which lasted for an hour. A delegation of Hazara elders and notables were led by Hazara United Movement (HUM), United Kingdom and Hazara International Forum of Great Britain. Mr. Muhammad Yaar (Doctor), the Afghan Ambassador listened to the grievances and concerns of the delegate patiently who assured of exercising all available resources for safe and early release of the abductees. At the end of the meeting, a petition detailing the concerns and reservations of the APPG on Third World Solidarity, HUM and HIFGB was presented to the Afghan Ambassador who instructed the relevant quarter for its immediate transmission to the Afghan Government.


Meeting with the Afghan Ambassador

Meeting with the Afghan Ambassador

Sadiq Noyan (Former President - Hazara Community Milton Keynes)

Sadiq Noyan (Former President – Hazara Community Milton Keynes)

The news coverage of the event through international media shall be incorporated soon as HUM is still awaiting to obtain it from relevant news agencies.

Haji Agha Marzooq Ali (Chairman - Shakir Youth Trust and Hazara International Forum of Great Britain)

Haji Agha Marzooq Ali (Chairman – Shakir Youth Trust and Hazara International Forum of Great Britain)

Liaquat Ali Hazara (Chairman - Hazara United Movement, United Kingdom)

Liaquat Ali Hazara (Chairman – Hazara United Movement, United Kingdom)

Syed Ashfaq Shah (United Muslim Organisation)

Syed Ashfaq Shah (United Muslim Organisation)

Attendees listening attentively

Attendees listening attentively

Group Picture

Group Picture

Group Photo

Group Photo

S Ali Khan (HIFGB)

S Ali Khan (HIFGB)

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House of Commons’ Conference to highlight the abduction of 30 Afghanistani Hazaras

File Photo

File Photo

All Parties Parliamentary Group on Third World Solidarity in collaboration with Hazara International Forum of Great Britain and Hazara United Movement (HUM), United Kingdom will hold a conference in the House of Commons to highlight the abduction of 30 innocent Afghanistani Hazara passengers who were taken off local buses en route to Kabul in Shah Joyee district of Zabul province, Afghanistan. The hapless Hazara passengers were singled out and abducted by gunmen whose whereabouts are still unknown.

Holding the Conference was formally agreed upon by all the three organisations in an emergency meeting held in London on 28th February, 2015.

The details of the programme are as under:

Venue: Macmillan Room, Portcullis House, House of Commons, Bridge Street, SW1 2LW.

Time: 6:00 PM

Date: 11-03-2015.

For booking a space into this Conference, please contact the following phone numbers 07746 872 535 or 07435 523 821.

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