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HUM Shall Raise the Issue of Genocide of Hazaras in the United Nations in Geneva this Year

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

This is extremely worrying to see that people are being target killed in Quetta, Pakistan because of their racial, religious and faith-based profiling. In contrast, the failure of Pakistani government and its security establishments in providing fool proof security and protection to minorities is perverse and inconsistent with Universal Charter of Human Rights and the Declaration of  the UN for Minorities. These resolutions obligate Pakistan, as a signatory, to ensure complete safety and protection of minorities at all cost. Unfortunately, the recent waves of targeted attacks of Hazaras and Shias in Quetta cast doubt over constitutional role of security agencies of Pakistan whose incompetence have caused panic and fear among citizens.

In the last five days, the targeted-killings of four (4) innocent people with another critically  injured in Quetta, Pakistan exhibit vacillation of Pakistani authorities in establishing its writ and ridding the country of the menaces of intolerance, religious extremism and terrorism. In comparison, Pakistani media regularly gives coverage to the press statements of banned religious and terrorist organisations. Media’s such irresponsible action is mockery of the law where Balochistan High Court, through its decision in 2013, forbade Pakistani media outlets from publishing statements of banned religious organisations.

The State owes a responsibility in implementing courts’ decision without fail and expeditious action should be taken against all those media groups responsible for promoting and glorifying heinous acts of intolerance and terrorism in the country.

Keeping in view the perpetual killings of Hazara minority in Pakistan and Afghanistan which have caused their unprecedented displacement and migration to other countries, HUM announces to raise these issues of  huge human rights violations at United Nations’ forthcoming session in November this year in Geneva.

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Campaigning, Advocacy and Capacity Building Organisation Which Is Working for the Rights of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples.

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