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The Targeted Killings of Two Hazaras on Fatima Jinnah Road Are State’s Security and Intelligence Failure

Muhammad Ali shot dead in his shoe shop on Fatima Jinnah Road on 02-03-2022.

The gruesome targeted killings of two innocent shoe merchants on Fatima Jinnah Road Quetta speak volumes of state’s perpetual security and intelligence failure which have forced the beleaguered Hazaras to venture out of their secluded enclaves at their own risk.

Zulfiqar Ali shot dead on Fatima Jinnah Road on 02-03-2022.

The latest cold-blooded killings of Hazaras have extended the two decade long genocide which are orchestrated and intensified in the wake of vested interests. The so-called “unknowns” successfully spread fear and leave their imprints after every terrorist attack but the state’s security and intelligence operatives continually fail to apprehend them. Worse is the fact that Pakistan’s mainstream electronic and print media outlets skilfully masked these killings with another subsequent bomb blast which killed and injured a score of police officials.

The federal and the provincial governments deliberately ignored the terrorist attack to avoid international backlash.

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