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Monthly Archives: September 2022

Hazaras’ Mass Execution Continues Unabated In Afghanistan

Friday witnessed the bloodbath of young collegiate and university students in Dasht-e-Barchi area of west Kabul where the students had gathered for their mock exams. At the time of writing this condemnatory press statement, the death toll had surpassed a hundred while scores others were critically injured.

Scene picture showing the blood of innocent students (Dash-e-Barchi)

Dasht-e-Barchi’s densely Hazara populated educational establishments have come under fierce suicide bombings, terrorist and rocket attacks in recent months. The previous damning reports confirm that large proportion of the victims killed in these suicide attacks were school-going teenage girls. The huge human casualties in such terrorist attacks describe the paradigm shift in targeting the educated girl students of Hazara minority group. The state-sponsored terrorist attacks are predominantly aimed at frightening the beleaguered community to the extent that they stop learning education.

The Taliban have a proven track record of killing Hazaras for many decades and such killings by international human rights conventions are tantamount to genocide. The Taliban have orchestrated past terrorist attacks against Hazaras in the guise of other so-called terrorist organisations but the unchallengeable truth warrants stricter financial sanctions against them. The international community, the UN Security Council, the international human rights organisations and the world leaders owe a duty of care to the minority groups of Afghanistan. The UN Declaration on Human Rights and the UN Declaration on Minorities mandate that all international financial aids to Afghanistan should immediately be conditioned to a foolproof security of all minority groups including Hazaras in the country.

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