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Ghani’s warmongering tactics will further destabilise Afghanistan

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Ashraf Ghani has upgraded his warmongering tactics to the next level in sheer violation of international covenants and treaties by killing innocents civilians who hail from the decades-old, marginalised and persecuted ethnic Hazaras. The latest waves of these killings have been started in Behsud District and the first phase of arbitrary and inhumane persecution has extended to the suburbs of Bamiyan. The aerial bombardment of civilians in Behsud District and the deployment of heavy contingents of security forces to the outskirts of Bamiyan province display Ghani’s dictatorial and Draconian intention to suppress Hazara population.

Ghani has always supported and provided logistics supports to terrorist organisations to further the hegemonic interests of Pashtun and deepen their strategic depth in and outside Afghanistan. In an effort to gather strategic and financial support for the Pashtun, an adviser of the incumbent Afghan President met with Israel’s proactive radical professor, Hilel Weiss in January 2020 in Dehli India and pleaded for support of Pashtuns. The news was aired by Israel’s reliable TV channel, i24new.

AS the Pashtuns, by and large, profess to be the lost tribes of Israel, therefore, Ashraf Ghani has stepped up all out efforts to materialise the multifaceted long-term gains by suppress other nationalities and ethnicities of Afghanistan as well as amassing financial and strategic support from Israel.

The popular Resistance Movement, which represents all persecuted and under-represented ethnic groups of Afghanistan, has sprung out from the war-stricken and under-privileged lower middle class of the Afghans. They feel compelled to pick up arms and defend themselves in the face of Afghan government’s collaboration with terrorist groups.

Ghani’s aerial and ground bombardments of Hazara civilian population in central Afghanistan are tantamount to war against humanity and the international community should immediately intervene to stop mass execution of innocent people and hold Ashraf Ghani accountable for his heinous crimes.

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