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International Community Should Not Recognise the Taliban Unless Equal Power-Sharing With All Stakeholders Guaranteed

The debacle of Kabul may have shocked the western world but for political analysts and experts privy to internal Afghan issues; this is not surprising at all. With the arrival of the Taliban to reign the country, Afghanistan has returned to the early 90s catastrophic era which is awaiting unending civil war, bloodshed, massacre and gross human rights violations. The sleeper cells of all sectarian outfits and terrorist organisations have decades’ long strategic and logistic partnership with the Taliban and Afghanistan seems to become the breeding ground and epicentre of terrorism. The war-torn and poverty-stricken volatile country is already rife with ethnic, religious and sectarian violence which is likely to set heart-wrenching precedence as like-minded warlords and factions have started forming alliances to fight tooth and nail against the Taliban.

The west spent over 2 trillion US dollars to rebuild the country’s infrastructure and train the Afghan army but the 350,000 army and paramilitary personnel fell like a wall of sand. The international funders, policy-makers, political pundits and military hawks completely failed to realise and recognise the bona fide leaders of the country resulting in absolute waste of resources and their defeat. The west, as always, miscalculated the sincerity and honesty of legitimate Afghan leadership who were cornered to plant their own puppets. Thus, they blindly trusted one Afghan faction by awarding them the lion’s share, which, otherwise, has centuries’ old infamous record of destroying world peace by producing suicide bombers and being against the human rights of minorities, children, girls and women. The outcome of such insane and unrealistic decisions has produced the same anti-humane and anti-societal result as before.

Ashraf Ghani, a malfunctioned, incapacitated and incompetent tout, proudly followed the footsteps of his predecessors and expressed his sheer complicity by handing over the entire country in golden plate to the Kalashnikov-wielding ignorant Taliban and absconding the country with multi-million dollars-stuffed suitcases. The International Community should immediately arrest Ashraf Ghani and indict him for crimes against humanity and massive corrupt practices.

Latest credible and verifiable reports from human sources in Afghanistan echo worrying tidings as the Taliban have started door-to-door search to purge the dissenters and members of ethnic minority groups. The formation of alliances between warring factions is displaying further destruction and worse civil war is flaring-up fast.

The International Community should take holistic approach to resolve the disputes between warring factions by guaranteeing the equal power-sharing of all ethnicities. The Taliban should not be recognised unless a legitimate national coalition government equally representing all stakeholders is formed.

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