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Monthly Archives: July 2017

HUM Holds Pakistani Government Responsible for RCD Attack on Innocent Hazaras

This morning’s attack on innocent Hazara civilians on RCD Road, Mastung manifests the intent of terrorists to target-kill anyone with impunity while the Pakistani government, the Army and intelligence agencies admire their efforts for eradicating terrorism from the country. The results of military operations against terrorists are effectively depicted on papers but Government’s sincere and honest efforts in providing safety to the masses have always remained a distant reality.

RCD Attack

The Pakistani Hazaras have been restricted to their dwellings in east and west parts of Quetta, whose living conditions can fairly be termed as living in Concentration Camps, however, the terrorists have explicitly penetrated a complete sense of insecurity and fear in and around the city. Last week, terrorists target-killed a senior police officer and his guards in suburb of the city and, within hours, the government announced to have successfully neutralized the perpetrators of the attack during a raid on their hideout. Such tentative action of the government transpires that it is fully aware of the whereabouts of the terrorists but does not take any action unless the latter attacks government officials.

The genocide of Hazaras has been ongoing place since 1999 but the government has hardly showed willingness to prosecute the perpetrators, their aides and abettors, financiers, supporters and masterminds. Such elusiveness holds the government equally responsible for the genocide of Hazaras.

HUM shall not accept condemnatory statements and rote condolences from the government any longer but would want to see decisive action against the terrorists, ensuring full safety and protection of Hazaras.

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