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Benefits of Becoming Member

Gaining membership of HUM will provide numerous benefits to the members themselves. As we aim to produce self-reliant, brave and selfless leaders who should be able to take the reign of the people in their hands, we have, thus, formulated tailored training programmes for our members to meet their wider needs and expectations. The frequent training programmes are the integral part of personal development programmes at HUM and we give great importance to the training of our members. The training sessions are mainly run in partnership with Citizens UK (a UK-based charity organisation which provides training to the people with the motto of transforming the leadership requirements). A range of training programmes are designed and delivered through out the year that have produced leaders of high-calibre who are serving the country in all realms including politics. Other benefits of becoming a member of HUM are as follows:

> Issuance of a membership card.

> Free training programmes for all members.

> Free counselling and advice programme on all legal matters especially immigration matters from trained and certified legal advisers.

>  Free workshops, seminars and symposia.

> Free tuition classes for kids and adults alike.

> Free English Language courses for all members.

Please keep visiting these pages as subsequent programmes shall be added when become available. 

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