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Pakistan’s Complicity Implies Clean-chit to Religious Extremists and Terrorists

Victims of Joint Road Incident

Victims of Joint Road Incident

Quetta city witnessed the cold-blooded murder of three innocent people today outside yet another bustling and crowded Government Department when “unknown” motorcycle riders target-killed them in a broad day light. Two brothers Hasan Raza and Shabbir Hussain lost their lives on the spot while their parents have sustained critical bullet injuries who are fighting for their lives in a local hospital. Reportedly, a policeman on duty succumbed to his injuries who dared firing on the target-killers and receiving retaliatory shots. After the incident, the CCPO, Capital Police promptly claimed to have identified the killers but hundreds of such previous attacks still try to determine as to how the perpetrators remain unpunished in the last 16 years provided the proven agility and efficiency of law enforcement agencies in knowing the killers.

In a separate incident yesterday, over 20 innocent shoppers including women became injured owing to a bomb blast in the heart of the city centre which also took the lives of two people.

Prior to that on 1 July, three people lost their lives as a result of a targeted attack on a shop on Sirki Road who were quietly buried the same day in Hazara Graveyard Alamdar Road.

The Pakistan’s Federal Government as well as the Balochistan’s Provincial Government have hurriedly issued rote condemnation statements blaming foreign hands behind the previous two incidents while today’s incident is likely to attract the same level of government’s attention. However, given the threshold of complicity exhibited by the Pakistani Government towards these perpetual killings, it is transpired that she has granted clean-chits to the religious extremists and terrorists to exercise the title of “the unknown” at discretion.

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