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Ashraf Ghani Should Be Indicted for Crimes Against Humanity: Protesters Demand

A demonstration was held on 23-08-2018 outside 10 Downing Street, London from 12:30 PM to 4:00 PM against the genocide of beleaguered Hazaras in Afghanistan. The state-sponsored terrorists have targeted Hazaras through suicide bombings, targeted attacks and mass execution, especially attacking public places, schools, places of worship and homes etc to inflict maximum human casualty to all ages.

In a recent tragic incident, a private college was targeted by a suicide bomber in west Kabul on 15th August, 2018 when the teenage students were attending mock entry test exam for admissions to universities. The suicide attack killed 48 students instantly but, later, the death toll raised to 101 while leaving scores others critically injured.

The demonstration was organised to express solidarity with Hazara and other persecuted minorities of Afghanistan which attracted activists from Southampton, Kent, Burton-on-Trent, Birmingham and London etc. Unlike others, who reneged to their assurances by siting in the comfort of their homes with their wives and children, the protesters held placards and chanted slogans against Ashraf Ghani and the security agencies whose apathy towards their constitutional obligations of protecting the lives of Afghan citizens raised suspicions.  The placards read, “Ashraf Ghani Is the Karadzic of Afghanistan”, “International Community Should Stop War Politics in Afghanistan, “Do Not Use Hazaras as Scapegoats in Your Regional Rivalries”, “ICC Should Indict Asharf Ghani for Crimes Against Humanity”, “Afghan Govt. Should Stop Patronising Terrorists”, “For What Sin Was She Killed (81:9-Al Quran)”, “Hazara Diaspora Living in the UK Shall Never Leave Their Brothers Alone”, “Salute to the Fallen Heroes of Dasht-e-Barchi”, “Ashraf Ghani Should Stop Politics of Dead”, “Why the UN Is Silent on the Genocide of Hazaras”, “International Community Should Stop Hypocritical Tactics and Recognise the Genocide of Hazaras” and “Terrorism Shall Never Deter Us from Learning Education”, etc.

The demonstration was concluded by handing over a petition to the 10 Downing Street which demanded the following points:

(i) That the British government should announce an aid package for the victims of Dasht-e-Barchi.

(ii) That the British government, through its foreign mission in Afghanistan; should build educational and vocational establishments in far-flung areas of central Afghanistan, especially Hazara-populated areas so that they can learn education without life threats.

(iii) The UK government should exercise its powers to help International Criminal Court to institute the trial of Ashraf Ghani for committing Crimes against Humanity.

HUM, UK thanked all protesters for defying the odds, especially ethnic Tajik Activists and registering their voice against Genocide of Afghan Hazaras.

Pakistani Hazaras Appeal to the UN’s Security Council For Immediate Intervention to Save Their Lives

Another incident of targeted-attack on an inbound taxi in the Red Zone area of Quetta city left one Hazara dead and another severely injured. The victims were identified as Nazar Hussain and Gul Hassan. The target-killers, as usual, escaped from the scene after the attack. The terrorist attack took place in bright daylight on 1st April while the safe escape of terrorists exposes the complicity of Pakistan’s federal and provincial governments because Quetta city is protected by dozens of manned check posts and security pickets. Later, the attack was claimed by the so-called terrorist organisation DAESH/ISIS through an electronic statement.

The Genocide of Hazaras continues with full complicity of Pakistan since 1999 which has engulfed the lives of over 2000 people and injured more than 4000 others including children and women. Such terrorist attacks were perpetrated in the forms of mass execution, suicide bombings and targeted-killings etc which have taken place in the heart and south of Quetta city, nonetheless, the government shows no willingness to apprehend the terrorists, financiers, masterminds, sympathisers, co-accomplices, abetters and financiers etc. Dawn News and the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (Non-Governmental Independent Human Rights Organisation) records that over 1400 terrorist attacks have taken place on   on Hazaras since 1999 which is extremely large in number. Despite over 1400 attacks, the Governments have failed to arrest the terrorists. This figure was compiled by the Dawn News and the HRCP in early 2015 but, without any update, the same is being used in preceding records.

Pictures of Day One Protest:

Latest terrorist attack invited Hazaras to stage sit-in protest on Alamdar Road, Quetta, demanding from International Community and the UN’s Security Council for immediate intervention into the matter as repeated calls from Pakistan’s state organs have completely failed. The Three-Member Supreme Court Bench heard a suo motu notice on Genocide of Hazaras in January this year which had agreed in principal to direct the federal and the provincial governments of forming separate Joint Investigation Teams to probe this issue, however, the final order of the Bench resorted to the verbal promise of the Government for providing foolproof security to Hazaras. The protesters claim to have documentary proofs that the infamous Capital City Police Officer (Razzaque Cheema) is directly involved in killings of, at least, 16 Hazaras. Razzaque Cheema’s service record chronicles that he gave clean chit to the Punjab Govt as he was appointed Head of the five-member Joint Investigation Team (JIT), which was formed in the aftermath of the Model Town Police Shooting on peaceful protesters. Razzaque Cheema’s involvement in killings of innocent citizens cannot be ruled out as he was transferred to Quetta in April, 2013. Last year in November, he was posted and transferred to Punjab and his services were placed at the disposal of Punjab Government through an official notification, having completed his 3 years service in Balochistan as per Government’s civil service rules, however, he still continues to work as CCPO Quetta till filing this report.

Pictures of Day Two Protest:

On 3rd day of the sit-in protest, a number of political parties and civil society organisations attended the protest and expressed their full support to the protesters. The parties and organisations included Balochistan National Party (Mengal), Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM)Progressive Youth Alliance in Baluchistan and Lawyers’ Forum.

Pictures of Day Three Protest:


The political parties and civil society organisation condemned the government for weeping crocodile’s tears for Indian Kashmir, while Pakistani Hazaras are being target-killed in a small city of Quetta on daily basis, but they fail to pay attention to this grievous situation.

Pictures of Day Four Protest:


Participation of following Organisations in the Protest:

(i) President, Balochistan Tajir Forum (BTJ) with his members.

(ii) Awami Workers Party (AWP).

(iii) Watan Pal Students Organisation.

(iv) Adil Jahangir led a delegation of civil society to the protest.

(v) Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign

(vi) Jamhuri Watan Party (Shahzain Bugti)

(vii) A Delegation of Balochistan Law College.

(viii) Intellectual and Writer, Rahat Malik also joined the protest and expressed his support.

On the other hand, a group of students took to street in solidarity with the protesters of Quetta. The were, at least, 20 enraged students holding hand-written charts with slogans, “Stop Killing Hazaras, “You Know the Unknown Killers”, “Restore Peace in Balochistan”, “Do Only Kashmiris and Syrians Want Justice, Are We Not Human”, “Who Is Behind This Terrorism”, “Government of Unknown Unacceptable”, “UN Should Take Action”, “UN, Where Are My Rights”, “Why the Most Peaceful Hazaras Are the Most Oppressed in Pakistan”, etc.

On another occasion, Democratic Students Alliance, came to streets in Lahore to support Quetta Protest. The angry protesters were seen demanding from the UN in providing foolproof security to Hazaras as the Government has completely failed in its constitutional obligations.

In a heart-wrenching appeal to the Pakistani Army Chief, General Qamar Bajwa, renowned and articulate Tahir Khan Hazara was seen holding the Quran above his head and asked the COAS to provide protection to the beleaguered Hazaras for the sake of Quran as they are being killed every day for the past 20 years. He expressed his disappointment at the apathy and helplessness of the federal and provincial governments towards this urgent issue and reminded the COAS to play his pivotal role in restoring complete peace in Quetta like Parachinar. He said the COAS can restore peace and must do so. He said that we want peace, our children, mothers and daughter want peace and Right to Life.

On 3rd April, Pakistan’s President Mamnoon Hussain arrived in Quetta on an official visit to attend Bahadur Khan University’s  Degree-Awarding Ceremony but he neither visited the sit-in protest nor bothered to enquire about it although the site of the protest is in the same proximity. Mamnoon Hussain should have been compassionate as Hazara taxi driver killed on 1st April was from the down-trodden class of society and, working on daily wages as labourer, he possessed striking similarities with the former for he was fruit chat seller before becoming the President.

The protest enters its 4th day with no contact from the Government which organisers of the protest made the following demands:

(i) That an emergency meeting of the United Nation’s Security Council (UNSC) be convened to discuss the Genocide of Hazaras.

(ii) That the UNSC should form an International Commission of Enquiry to investigate Genocide of Hazaras.

(iii) That the UNSC, under its Chapter VII; should deploy international peace-keeping forces to restive Balochistan, specially Quetta city to protect Hazaras and other minorities.

(iv) That the UNSC should declare the ongoing killings of Hazaras as Genocide under the Article 2 of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

This is a developing story which will be updated as more news become available.

Static Demonstration in front of 10 Downing Street Has Been Called Off

File Picture

File Picture

After a consultative meeting of Hazara Diaspora in UK, it has been unanimously agreed to call off the protest in front of 10 Downing Street, London. The protest outside 10 Downing Street to be held on 12-11-2015 was announced two days ago after a joint meeting of Hazara International Forum of Great Britain, Hazara United Movement (HUM), United Kingdom and other campaigners had finalized the event. The decision to hold the protest in front of 10 Downing Street came with honest and sincere view that such step shall bring huge human rights violations of Hazaras of Afghanistan into international limelight and urge the international community for playing their pivotal role in providing security and protection to Hazaras and other minorities in Afghanistan.

However, some saboteurs hurriedly booked another venue outside Afghan Embassy, London to hold such protest. It was because of their short-sightedness and amateur approach towards sensitive political issues who regard Afghan Embassy London superior to other international organisations in the UK and believe that holding a protest there shall provide ultimate salvation to predicament of under-represented Hazaras in Afghanistan.

Therefore, HIFGB, HUMUK and others who had announced earlier to hold the protest in front of 10 Downing Street on 12-11-2015 has been called off to pay homage to the recently beheaded Hazaras of Afghanistan and express resolute support to their aggrieved families.

Protest in front of 10 Downing Street London on 12-11-2015 against persecution of Hazaras

File Picture

File Picture

Hazara United Movement (HUM), United Kingdom and Hazara International Forum of Great Britain have organised a protest in front of 10 Downing Street, London on 12-11-2015 to highlight the ongoing persecution of Hazaras in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The peaceful protest is taking place at a time when the kidnappings and brutal beheadings of Hazara men, women and children have become regular occurrences in volatile Afghanistan, especially the recent kidnapping of seven (7) Hazara men, women and children in Zabol Province. The dead bodies of the abductees were found on 07-11-2015 with their throats slits and decapitated. Although, terrorist organisations such as the Taliban and Daesh (the newly-emerging Middle Eastern terrorist group) are blamed for these atrocities, however, the Afghan government cannot turn a blind eye to these regular incidences of persecution. In truth, Ashraf Ghani’s covert support to these terrorist organisations has further deteriorated the situation.

This nine years old boy's throat was slit in Zabol province, Afghanistan.

This nine years old boy’s throat was slit in Zabol province, Afghanistan.

Similarly, the protest will also raise voice against ongoing targeted-attacks on Hazaras in Quetta, Pakistan which have gained momentum in the past week or so. These attacks occur in broad daylight in busy town centre in Quetta but the Balochistan provincial government and the federal government still fail to arrest the perpetrators. The 16 years’ long perpetual  targeted attacks on people of a particular ethnicity and faith amount to GENOCIDE by any definition and must be recognized as such. Whilst, the failure of government in non-arrest of target-killers shows its complicity in such crimes.

Please spread the news and participate in this protest in large numbers to record your voice against the killings of persecuted people. The details of the programme are as under:

Event: Peaceful Demonstration

Venue: 10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA.

Date: 12-11-2015 (Thursday)

Time: 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Nearest Tube Station: Westminster (District, Circle and Jubilee Lines)

Two Days Sit-in Protest Outside Pakistani High Commission London Ended Peacefully

20150610_111556[1] The two-day sit-in protest, which started at 10 PM on 10-6-2015, ended peacefully with mutual consultation and consent of Hazara leadership in Quetta.

The sit-in protest managed to secure the safe release of Athar Khan Hazara who was abducted by Frontier Corps from Spin Karze Coal Depot without any viable charge. This abduction came in the wake of the recent fiery speeches of Tahir Khan Hazara, a veteran politician, who sharply criticized Pakistan army and the intelligence agencies for being complicit in perpetual targeted attacks. Tahir Khan Hazara started his political career with working with Ghaos Buksh Bezinjo of National Party.
This retaliatory abduction of Athar Khan Hazara reflects the typical mindset of the security agencies in exerting maximum pressure on campaigners and politicians in Pakistan with an effort of curbing criticism against army and intelligence agencies of Pakistan.


Tahir Khan Hazara is widely respected by Hazaras and non-Hazaras alike due of his vivid standpoint on Pakistan’s discriminatory and self-centered policies against the minorities. His vocal and honest viewpoints about the killings of Hazaras in Pakistan raised eyebrows of civil and military establishment who resorted to abduction of his innocent son without credible charges. These arbitrary actions against honest and sincere people in Pakistan has alienated their interests and sympathies towards state organs.

It is highly likely that prospective sit-in protests and demonstrations, organised outside Pakistani Missions on a foreign soil, could get out of control due to cold and unprofessional attitude of the diplomatic officials. Similar trend of the diplomatic staff was witnessed in the two day sit-in protest outside Pakistani High Commission in London. Such official malpractice was manifested by its Head of Chancery and the incumbent High Commission whose behaviour as such has brought disrepute to the Government of Pakistan.

Despite attempts from the Chief Organiser of the sit-in protest for meeting the Pakistani High Commissioner to convey their demands, the Head of Chancery and other staff of the High Commission exhibited reluctance in facilitating such a meeting. Similarly, the Pakistani High Commissioner feels pride in portraying himself as a viceroy, with the support of the red tape in the High Commission, which has further tarnished the already dilapidated reputation of Pakistan on a foreign soil.

HUM is thankful to all those who showed their support and sympathy to the protesters by phone, emails, text messages as well as joining the sit-in protest with their families and kids. We are, particularly, thankful to Dunya TV Channel for coverage of the event.

Visit our facebook page to view the video coverage of the event.

Joint Protest outside Pakistan High Commission London against killings of Pakistani Shias

Hazara United Movement (HUM) and the Hazara International Forum of Great Britain jointly held a protest in front of Pakistani High Commission in London on 16-02-2015 to express solidarity with the minorities of Pakistan especially raising voice against the ongoing terrorist attacks on religious gatherings of Pakistani Shias. The protest started at 12:00 noon which continued till 3:00 PM. Despite harsh weather conditions, the protesters of all walks of life and mainstream Pakistani political strata braved the cold and rainy weather and protested for three consecutive hours. The representatives of the United Muslim Organisation, the UK Chapter of the Pakhtoonkhawa Milli Awami Party (PMAP) with its UK and Europe Secretary and other members also braced the occasion with their presence. While Shia ulemas also showed up to support the cause. The protesters displayed placards with inscriptions which read
33 security and intelligence agencies bigger then the size of Pakistan army but still terrorism?,
Saudi-funded seminaries should be closed down,
Implement National Action Plan without any delay,
Expedite the Death Sentencing of terrorists and religious extremists
The way to heaven is not from Pakistan,
Killings innocents shall never allure the virgins of heaven,
Extremisms + Terrorism = Pakistani seminaries

At the end of the protest, a Petition was handed over to the Pakistan High Commission who promised to relay it to the Government of Pakistan while conveying the retrospective response of its government to the Organisers soon.

Please click on the following links to read the news coverage of the protest.

Mohamed Walji
Press TV, London

The perpetual killings of the Shia community in Pakistan has caused anger, and sparked protest outside the Pakistani High Commission in London this week.

The number of Shia Muslims killed in Pakistan has been rising. A recent attack took place during Friday prayers at a mosque in Peshawar that saw the deaths of at least 20 people and those here today are saying enough is enough.
Those in attendance were calling for the international community to take action.

Central to the protest was the anger placed on the Pakistani Government. A petition handed to the countries High Commissioner Syed Ibne Abbas concluded the complicity of government officials could not be ruled out. Especially when the intelligence and security agencies in Pakistan are larger than the nations army itself thus making it unlikely they would completely fail to stop such attacks happening.

The protest organizers said they will continue to fight until the bloodshed of innocent people in Pakistan ends.HUM + HIF Protest (16-02-2015)
(Source I)

(Source II)

Coverage of London Protest by other media channels.

Below are the photos and publication of international media channels regarding the 17th February, 2013 protest in front of Pakistani High Commission, London.

Daily Jang Newspaper, London

Daily Jang Newspaper, LondonQuetta Carnage

Quetta Carnage

Joint protest of HIF, HUM and other Groups

ii iii iv

Statement of Imran Khan, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf. 



Members of UK Civil Society and members of House of Lords condemning Hazara Town bomb blast.



Dead bodies of the Hazara Town incident, lying in a local Imam Bargah in Quetta.



Sit-in Protest in front of Pakistani High Commissioner in London against the Hazara Town Carnage.

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Protesters in front of Pakistan Embassy London.

Hazara International Forum of Great Britain and Hazara United Movement, United Kingdom organised a peaceful protest in front of Pakistan Embassy, London on 17-02-2013 to raise voice against the callous bombing of Kirani Road which had killed over 84 innocent people and injuring more than 200 others.

Protesters shouting slogans

Protesters shouting slogans

The protest started at 12:00 noon with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Haji Marzooq Ali. The organisers, then, started shouting loud slogans in English and Urdu. The slogans denoted the Chief Justice of Pakistan, the Army Chief and the Government of Pakistan to take serious action against the perpetrators, their financiers and sympathisers. Hundreds of people participated in the protest including women and children.

The on-going persecution of Pakistani Hazaras has compelled everyone to come to streets and hold protests to raise strong and unified voice against it. The cold-killing of this ethnicity is continue since 1999 and thousands of innocent people have been targeted in south-western city of Pakistan’s Balochistan province. The repeated incidents of targeted killings and suicide and planted bombings have taken the lives of over 1500 Shi’ties while 1200 of them belong to the Hazara tribes. Over 4500 have been injured and about 65% of them are critically injured.

A protester holding a placard

A protester holding a placard

Pakistan’s mainstream political organisations such as Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf, Muthahida Qaumi Movement, Pashtoonkhawa Milli Awami Party and Pakistan Muslim League (N) also joined the protest to show their support and solidarity with the Hazaras.

Members of Pakhtoonkhawa Milli Awami Party (PMAP)

Members of Pakhtoonkhawa Milli Awami Party (PMAP)

Pakhtoonkhawa Milli Awami Party
Pakhtoonkhawa Milli Awami Party

The speakers included Haji Agha Marzooq Ali (Chairman Hazara International Forum of Great Britain), Liaquat Ali Hazara (Chairman Hazara United Movement, United Kingdom), Habib Ahmedi (General Secretary HIF), Maulana Abbas Haider (Majlis Ulama Shi’ite, Europe) and Maulana Musharraf Hussaini (MUS). The other speakers include Dr. Saleem Danish of MQM, Amjad Khan of Pakistan Tehreene-e-Insaaf and Akbar Khan Kakar of Pakhtoonkhawa Milli Awami Party (PMAP).

LAH (Chairman HUM)

LAH (Chairman HUM)

Dr Saleem Danish (MQM), addressing the protesters

Dr Saleem Danish (MQM), addressing the protesters

Dr. Saleem Danish said that MQM had always raised voice against all kinds of atrocities and cruelties. We shall standby our Hazara brothers and support them at this hard time. “Our condolences go to the families of the victims. This incident has traumatised Qauid Tehreek Altaf Bhai who has not eaten anything since. He said, “MQM fully supports the demands of the Hazaras and ask the government to accept them immediately. The demands are legitimate and constitutional. The state must provide full protection and security to the Hazaras in Balochistan”

Amjad Khan (UK President, Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf), addressing the protesters

Amjad Khan (UK President, Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf), addressing the protesters

Amjad Khan of Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf said that he had come to participate in the protest on special directives of the PTI Chief, Imran Khan who had asked him to attend it by all means. “PTI will raise voice on all forums against persecution of Hazaras. If PTI wins the next general election, it will wipe out terrorism and religious extremism from the country. The government has completely failed to provide security to the people”.

Member of Pakhtoonkhawa Milli Awami Party, addressing the protesters

Member of Pakhtoonkhawa Milli Awami Party, addressing the protesters

Akbar Khan Kakar addressed the protesters and said that the Pashtun and Hazaras have always lived together. “We will support our Hazara brothers at this crucial time. Hazaras lived in Balochistan before the partition. This is their native land and they must be provided security.”

An angry protester chanting slogan

An angry protester chanting slogan

At the end, a petition was handover to the Pakistani Embassy which laid down the demands as:

(i)                      Quetta city should be handed over to the army without any delay.

(ii)                  That the government must ensure to initiate surgical operation against the Islamist terrorists and Lashker-e-Jhangvi in and around Quetta city.

(iii)                 That a Judicial Enquiry Commission comprising of Three Serving Judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan be set up immediately to investigate the matter thoroughly.

(iv)                 That the government must track and take immediate action against elements of intelligence agencies and law enforcement departments who have links with these terrorists.

(v)                  That the terrorists of Lashker-e-Jhangvi who have been arrested during Governor’s rule must be expeditiously tried in anti-terrorist courts.

(vi)                 That the financiers of the terrorists be tracked down and prosecuted immediately.

(vii)               That the families of the martyrs of these suicide attacks, targeted killings and planted bombings must be compensated from 2006.

(viii)       That the severely injured and injured victims of these incidents must be treated in private hospitals on government expense and be compensated for their loss.

(ix)                 That a family member of the affectees/victims be provided government job as per academic credentials.



The receipt of Petition by the Pakistani High Commission

The receipt of Petition by the Pakistani High Commission

The receipt of Petition by the Pakistani High Commission

The receipt of Petition by the Pakistani High Commission

Kid Protester with her mother

Kid Protester with her mother

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