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Hazaras’ Mass Execution Continues Unabated In Afghanistan

Friday witnessed the bloodbath of young collegiate and university students in Dasht-e-Barchi area of west Kabul where the students had gathered for their mock exams. At the time of writing this condemnatory press statement, the death toll had surpassed a hundred while scores others were critically injured.

Scene picture showing the blood of innocent students (Dash-e-Barchi)

Dasht-e-Barchi’s densely Hazara populated educational establishments have come under fierce suicide bombings, terrorist and rocket attacks in recent months. The previous damning reports confirm that large proportion of the victims killed in these suicide attacks were school-going teenage girls. The huge human casualties in such terrorist attacks describe the paradigm shift in targeting the educated girl students of Hazara minority group. The state-sponsored terrorist attacks are predominantly aimed at frightening the beleaguered community to the extent that they stop learning education.

The Taliban have a proven track record of killing Hazaras for many decades and such killings by international human rights conventions are tantamount to genocide. The Taliban have orchestrated past terrorist attacks against Hazaras in the guise of other so-called terrorist organisations but the unchallengeable truth warrants stricter financial sanctions against them. The international community, the UN Security Council, the international human rights organisations and the world leaders owe a duty of care to the minority groups of Afghanistan. The UN Declaration on Human Rights and the UN Declaration on Minorities mandate that all international financial aids to Afghanistan should immediately be conditioned to a foolproof security of all minority groups including Hazaras in the country.

Quetta City-dwellers Should Play Their Part In Containing the Waves of Targeted Killings

(Meezan Chowk Incident - A Dead Body Being Shifted To Hospita)l

(Meezan Chowk Incident – A Dead Body Being Shifted To Hospita)

Another attack took the lives of five (5) innocent Hazaras in Quetta which has happened days after the meeting of the Hazara Diaspora with the Pakistani High Commission in London who assured of Government’s foolproof measures in securing the lives of people, especially of Hazaras, in Pakistan. While the lack of will of the Pakistan’s Federal and Balochistan’s Provincial Governments is profusely disparaging in taking decisive action against the so-called religious extremists who can terrorize the entire Quetta city with impunity, the deliberate silence and non-cooperation of the city-dwellers approves of their complicity in attacks against the Hazaras.

Pakistan has utterly failed to implement the true spirit of the 21st Constitutional Amendment which was approved in a joint session of the Parliament in January this year. Similarly, the implementation of the 20 Points Agenda of the National Action Plan is completely blurred given the existing waves of terrorist attacks against the minorities especially the Hazaras. The officially banned religious extremist organisations are still carrying out their mantra of spreading religious hatred, inciting derogatory slogans and glorifying killings of minorities including Hazaras under the nose of the Government and the law enforcement agencies. The defiant fully operational activities of internationally-designated terrorist organisations in Pakistan are an open secret which has further deteriorated the law and order situation in the country.

Seemingly, the Balochistan’s Provincial Government has turned a blind eye to the cold-blooded killings of the Hazaras although Balochistan-based nationalist parties are partners in power sharing in the province as well as in the Federal government.

These targeted attacks perpetrated against the peaceful Hazaras in the last 16 years have frequently occurred in bustling bazars and the city centre where the Pashtun community owns considerably large numbers of business establishments. The non-Hazara traders in the town witness these incidents but their reluctance in identifying the perpetrators corroborate the fact that they discreetly endorse these attacks in an effort to change the demographic landscape of the city.

This is about time that the non-Hazara city dwellers broke away from the confines of rote condemnations and helped contain such incidents.

Hazara Diaspora Meets the Pakistani High Commissioner for UK Syed Ibne Abbas In London

A delegation of Hazara Diaspora met the Pakistani High Commissioner for UK, Syed Ibne Abbas, in the Pakistani High Commission in London on 02-06-2015. The delegation expressed their concerns on increasing unlawful activities of the banned religious extremist organisations in Quetta.

A delegation of the Hazara Diaspra, under the leadership of Haji Agha Marzooq Ali, held one hour meeting with the Pakistani High Commissioner for UK, Syed Ibne Abbass, against the ongoing persecution and targeted attacks on Hazaras in Quetta. The delegation, particularly, expressed grave concerns over the increasing activities of banned religious extremist organisations in Quetta. The delegation expressed surprise as to how these  incidents of targeted killings in a city like Quetta have been happening unabated whereas no terrorist has ever been apprehended or prosecuted. Unlike Quetta, the terrorists involved in attacking an Army Public School in Peshawar in December last year; have either been arrested or killed. Similarly, the terrorists involved in Safoora Chowrangi incident have also been nabbed by the law enforcement agencies.

The delegation, while condemning the recent Mastung Incident, said that one major incident against the Pashtun community brings the Pakistani Prime Minister and his cabinet to Quetta for holding an All Parties Conference, however, the government never showed any interest in calling an APC for Hazaras’ killings given the magnitude of the previous such terrorist attacks on them.

At the end of the meeting, the Pakistani High Commissioner was handed over a Petition and the High Commissioner ensured the delegation to relay it to the Government of Pakistan.

The delegation included Haji Agha Marzooq Ali, Fida Hussain, Abdul Wahed, Sadiq Noyan and Liaquat Ali Hazara.

News Coverage of the Meeting (Jang Newspaper)

News Coverage of the Meeting (Jang Newspaper)


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