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Amnesty International Is Considering Legal Action For Misuse of Its Name

Recently, a Press Release (Urdu) bearing the letterhead of the Amnesty International was widely circulated through social media which purportedly condemned the killings of Hazaras and declared it as Genocide. The contents of the same PR were published in the Balochistan’s local newspapers. After thorough examination of the PR, HUM, UK contacted AI’s international secretariat to establish the authenticity of such statement. The AI, in subsequent emails, expressed their concern over genuineness of the PR and urged that all such statements related to its organisation, are issued by its headquarters which can be accessed by visiting its website.

AI has also expressed intent to take legal action against all those misusing its name by issuing unwarranted press statements.

HUM, UK, appeals to all human rights defenders, activists and campaigners to exercise due vigilance before disseminating news from dubious and unreliable sources, specially when they pertain to persecution of beleaguered minority communities.

HUM Rubbishes the Report of the National Commission of Human Rights, Pakistan (Understanding the Agonies of the Ethnic Hazaras)

The Central Executive Committee of HUM, UK discussed the recent report of the National Commission of Human Rights, Pakistan (NCHR) in detail and, after finding enormous technical blunders in the forms of misquoted references, collating and processing unreliable facts and figures and misrepresented statistics about the overall killings to date etc, the CEC has unanimously decided to rubbish the entire report as completely incoherent, unreliable, misleading and misrepresenting which will only alienate the expectations and hopes of Pakistani Hazaras of the state organs including Pakistan’s so-called independent human rights organisation(s).

Understanding the Agonies of the Ethnic Hazaras.doc

The research pertaining to the genocide of Hazaras lacks essentials of a good report which fails to mention its aims and objectives, the literature received through responses to the questionnaire, open-ended interviews and other relevant material have neither been reviewed properly nor critiqued them thoroughly which could have invoked the interests of stakeholders. Among innumerable incompetencies, the report fails to mention the de facto perpetrators, masterminds, facilitators, coordinators, abetters and sympathisers etc who have been working in concert to cause maximum human casualty to this beleaguered minority group. The report also fails to process the data accurately in order to bring forth the essence of their research work and challenge cognitive and intellectual aspects of this ongoing malaise.

Read the detailed para-wise explanation/commentary.
Mistakes in Chairman’s Message

  • Chairman’s message claims, “the past two decades of Pakistan has seen the scourge of violent religious extremism”. This statement is misleading for the violent religious extremism in Pakistan was started in mid 80s in parts of Punjab. The rough age of religiously-motivated extremism is, at least, 32 years[1].
  • He further says, “the greatest burden of sectarianism is born by Shia Hazara community of Balochistan”. The Chairman has tried to paint the killings of Hazaras with thick brush of sectarianism which is completely false. The killings of Hazaras have nothing to do with sectarianism. These are one-sided killings of a beleaguered community which is tantamount to genocide according to the Article 2 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide[2] .
  • His narration that the total population of Hazaras is between 0.4 to 0.5 million is incorrect. The total population of Hazaras is estimated to be between 0.8 million to 1 million with their main population living in eastern (Alamdar Road) and western (Hazara Town, Brewery) parts of Quetta city[3] [4].


  • Shia’tte is Shi’a or Shia


  • The report mentions Balochistan’s Home Department as quoting that 509 Hazaras have been killed in the last 5 years (since 2012) in various incidents including bomb blast, suicide attacks and targeted-killings but it has failed to mention the total number of attacks perpetrated against Hazaras since 1999.
    Unfortunately, the terrorist attacks on Hazaras mostly remain unreported by the national channels and newspapers of Pakistan, therefore, the statistics of the Balochistan’s Home Department is incoherent, incomplete and nonsensical.
  • The NCHR’s report has made grave errors in mixing up various incidents of mass execution and suicide bombings which further damage its credibility by relying on misleading and confusing information. For instance, the report says, “In 2011, a vehicle of pilgrims was obstructed near Mastung and selected passengers with Hazara identity were killed.” The report has wrongly linked this unreliable news report to this link, but referenced-link does not mention the above incident.
    Instead the above link confirms that 29 Hazaras were killed execution style on a highway in Quetta on 20th September, 2011.
  • Mentioning another deadly attack taking place on Mizan Chowk on 17th February, 2013 which took the lives of 84 innocent people and injured 160 others is also mis-quoted and it has no relation to this link:

    In fact, the Mizan Chowk incident took place on 3rd September, 2010 which killed 56 peaceful Hazara demonstrators and injured 160 others[5].

  • The incident on 17th February, 2013 did not take place on Mizan Chowk, contrary to the report of the NCHR.
    This tragic incident was perpetrated in Hazara Town, Brewery where people were busy shopping when an imported water-tanker filled with C4 and highly inflammable explosive material weighing 800 kg to 1000 kg was exploded was transported to Hazara-inhabited populace from outside Quetta, crossing dozens of security check posts[6]. As a result of this terrorist attack, the death toll later reached to 110 being killed and 250 critically injured. The victims were mostly school-going children.


  • The report claims to have used qualitative research method but it has failed to showcase the number of responses received on questionnaire, the number of people interviewed and the number of organisations responding to the questionnaire etc. The methodology has also failed to critique and process the data thoroughly to mention complicity of the state and its security establishment in providing fullproof security to Hazaras.

Aims and Objectives and Literature Review:

The report skips the essential parts of the research and failed to explain the aims and objectives of their work. The literature received was not properly analysed, critiqued and processed which further invalidates the credibility of the entire report.

Hazaras’ Historical Roots:

  • The report errs to portray Hazaras as descendants of Genghiz Khan which is not true. As the Buddhas of Bamyan were built in around 4th century[7] and Bamyan always being ancestral place of Hazaras even before the construction of the Giant Buddhas which gives weightage to the fact that Hazaras were living in Afghanistan years before the built of Giant Buddhas in 4th However, Genghiz Khan was born in 12th century[8].

    Herald Lamb, in his book titled, “Genghis Khan, the Great Khan”, mentions that the Hazaras fought with the grandson of Genghiz Khan for a week in Hazarajat. During war, Genghis Khan’s grandson, Mutakan was killed by Hazaras which led Genghis Khan himself to attack Bamyan with much larger troops to capture it (1221)[9]. The incident has been reported by other portals too ie.,

    There are Moghul and Turk tribes in Hazaras and the DNA taken by the UN in 1991 in parts of Hazara-inhabited areas in Quetta proved these claims[10].

  • The report goes on to confuse the readers by labelling the Genocide of Hazaras as sectarian killings.

    The perception of sectarian killings could be applied to other parts of Pakistan where members of both sects attack each other with the aim of inflicting severe bodily harm to maximize the likelihood of instant death. However, the same narrative is not true about the Genocide of Hazaras. Since, 1999, the Hazaras have faced the brunt of one-sided targeted-attacks, suicide bombings and mass executions whereas they have never made retaliatory actions against peoples of other faith.

Analysis of Existing Situation:

  • The report lacks in-depth understanding and elaboration of existing situation which cannot be summed up in one paragraph.


    Stable financial position is integral to the upbringing of family but the report, unfortunately, fails to highlight this important segment. As such, the volatile security situation has forced Hazaras to either sell off their business establishments in bustling bazaars of Quetta or shut them indefinitely. The report also fails to sketch out the trauma, pain, miseries and hardships of critically injured people and affected families who have lost their breadwinners. The researchers have failed to interview families of victims to document their financial, psychological and survival problems after the killings of their sole breadwinners? The report has failed to document first—hand information about financial difficulties of survivors and victims’ families in terms of means available to meeting their living costs, paying utility bills and tuition fees as well as meeting their requirements of daily ration.

    Right to Social Liberties:

    The report has failed to underscore the Right to Social Liberties of this persecuted community. Questions like why security establishments should be allowed to confine them in concentration-like camps in the name of precarious security situation, why the federal and Balochistan’s provincial governments have completely failed to cleanse Quetta city and its immediate suburb of the filth of terrorists and why unarmed and innocent civilians are confined behind security check posts while terrorists are roaming around freely in the city remain unanswered, giving impetus to the fact that the report was an attempt of eyewash to appease people in the corridors of power. There are other important questions which could have been incorporated into the report to make their efforts worthwhile and reliable.

    Community Cohesion:

    Unfortunately, the report fails to address issues of community cohesion. It has failed to mention of any sincere effort of the federal and provincial governments in integrating Hazaras into the social, economic, educational, cultural and political fabric of the country. The Hazaras have been forced to live marginalized, isolated and separated life without sincere efforts of the government in their timely integration.

Steps taken by the Government:

  • Unfortunately, the report has relied on unreliable narrative of the Balochistan Home Department and shared summarily an incoherent list, detailing the numbers of individuals killed and injured since January, 2012. The NCHR should be aware that undocumented narratives cannot be used in compiling report about the ongoing Genocide of a beleaguered community. The NCHR failed to question Balochistan Home Department as to why they don’t have the complete list of people killed and injured from first incident taking place in 1999? Such pathetic attempts expose the lethargy and non-serious attitude of NCHR and the government in addressing this grave issue.
    The number of Hazara individuals killed was quoted as saying 509 since January, 2012 but NCHR has failed to confirm the number of terrorist attacks leading to these casualties. If the Balochistan Home Department maintains that the terrorists come from Afghanistan as reported, the NCHR should have tried to establish the fact that how the terrorists can succeed in target-kill people in a city having only two exit/entry points. Despites dozens of security check posts, how can terrorists escape after these terrorist attacks? The exit/entry point falling in north-west of Quetta is relatively safe while the exit/entry point towards south has been the epicentre of terrorist attacks.
    NCHR has failed to pinpoint the local assets and connections of terrorists, the arrest and prosecution of their abetters, financiers, masterminds, facilitators and sympathisers.

    The Home Department’s narration that Hazaras killed since 2014 adopted unsafe and unfrequented routes to Pakistan from Afghanistan is completely false as all Hazaras killed to date have been targeted inside Quetta metropolitan or in immediate suburbs of the city where security check posts are manned 24/7 by security personnel. Foregoing to this view, Chaman city bordering Afghanistan is situated in north-west of Quetta city which has not had any incident of terrorist attack on Hazaras, then, how is possible to target-kill Hazaras on safe routes?

    It absolutely false that the Hazaras themselves become involved in the killings of their brethren where, almost, every home has now had its loved ones either killed or severely injured as a result of these terrorist attacks.

    In sectarian violence, it is important that both the parties should kill each other while, in terms of Genocide of Hazaras, this is completely different as the Hazaras are being killed only without retaliatory action from the victims. If Iran-Saudi proxies are active in Quetta, why security establishments have failed to apprehend them? Why terrorists, target-killers, facilitators and local contacts involved in terrorist activities have not been arrested yet?

    Answers to these and many other important questions were either left out deliberately or the researchers were of extremely low-calibre who were oblivious to essentials of compiling a trust-worthy report.


  • The reliability of the report further diminishes its essence where they have relied or collated material from sources accessible through internet. However, there is no doubt that the NCHR has not adopted pragmatic approach in relying on authentic and referenceable sources. For example, in footnote 49, the link about support of minority groups in Pakistan is bizarrely inaccessible/broken/dead for unknown reasons.


  • The NCHR report fails to address the genuine grievances of Hazaras, the failure of LEAs and security establishment in taking concrete steps against those involved in these terrorist attacks. The Genocide of Hazaras is ongoing since 1999 but no remedial measures have been taken to root out religious extremism and terrorism from Quetta.
    Elements of banned religious organisations take out rallies in Quetta city routinely while provoking protesters to attack Hazaras but the LEAs, instead of arresting them, provide security to these rallies.

    The central leadership of Anjuman Sipaha-e-Sahaba aka Ahle Sunnat Wa Aljama’t (ASWJ) gathered in Quetta city to pay homage to their suicide bombers in the aftermath of January, 2013 attacks and attributed congratulatory songs to them[11] [12]for killing over a hundred people in one attack, nonetheless, the security establishment, LEAs and federal and provincial governments provided foolproof security to patrons of terrorists.

  • The report is farce, incoherent, unreliable and deceitful.


[1] Faith-Based Violence and Deobandi Militancy in Pakistan. Springer. 2016. p. 346. ISBN 9781349949663. The grave impact of that legacy was compounded by the Iranian Revolution, and Zia-ul Haq’s anti-Shia policies, which added the violence and regimentation of the organization.






[7] Gall, Carlotta (5 December 2006). “Afghans consider rebuilding Bamiyan Buddhas”International Herald Tribune/The New York Times.

[8] Rashid al-Din asserts that Genghis Khan was born in 1155, while the Yuanshi (元史, History of the Yuan dynasty) records his year of birth as 1162. According to Ratchnevsky, accepting a birth in 1155 would render Genghis Khan a father at the age of 30 and would imply that he personally commanded the expedition against the Tanguts at the age of 72. Also, according to the Altan Tobci, Genghis Khan’s sister, Temülin, was nine years younger than he; but the Secret History relates that Temülin was an infant during the attack by the Merkits, during which Genghis Khan would have been 18, had he been born in 1155. Zhao Hong reports in his travelogue that the Mongols he questioned did not know and had never known their ages.


[10] Sengupta, S; Zhivotovsky, LA; King, R; et al. (2013-08-12). “Table 3: Complete Data Set of Y-Chromosomal HGs, Numbers of Repeats at 10 Microsatellite Loci, and Descriptions of Populations”The American Journal of Human Genetics78 (2): 202–21. doi:10.1086/499411PMC 1380230 . PMID 16400607




Non-operational Public and Welfare buildings on Alamdar Road Are Dilemmas

Non-operational Public Property

Non-operational Public Property

Where the Pakistan Hazaras have been deprived of their civil liberties and confined behind secluded concrete walls in eastern and western parts of Quetta city, whose movements and mobilization are restricted to their enclaves, there the closure of public and welfare buildings is sheer dilemma. It is also an irony that the land grabbers and retired government employees are working and coordinating in tandem to keep these communal buildings inaccessible to general public.

Progressive Academic Society

Progressive Academic Society

In absolute despondency and apathy from local political parties, the responsible members of civil society starteded a sit-in protest on Alamdar Road braving cold weather to attract the attention of the Pakistan’s Federal and Balochistan’s Provincial Governments. However, the Government has routinely turned a blind eye to this urgent matter. The public and welfare buildings, which were constructed with tax-payers’ money, include a well-equipped library, IT University, sports stadium and multi-purpose community hall etc. The depreciation and decay of these public buildings amount to animosity, betrayal and usurpation to the general public.

Pad-locked Public Library

Pad-locked Public Library

HUM is extremely concerned about non-operational status of these buildings and assures the masses to take up these issues with the Pakistani High Commission, London for timely resolution.

Static Demonstration in front of 10 Downing Street Has Been Called Off

File Picture

File Picture

After a consultative meeting of Hazara Diaspora in UK, it has been unanimously agreed to call off the protest in front of 10 Downing Street, London. The protest outside 10 Downing Street to be held on 12-11-2015 was announced two days ago after a joint meeting of Hazara International Forum of Great Britain, Hazara United Movement (HUM), United Kingdom and other campaigners had finalized the event. The decision to hold the protest in front of 10 Downing Street came with honest and sincere view that such step shall bring huge human rights violations of Hazaras of Afghanistan into international limelight and urge the international community for playing their pivotal role in providing security and protection to Hazaras and other minorities in Afghanistan.

However, some saboteurs hurriedly booked another venue outside Afghan Embassy, London to hold such protest. It was because of their short-sightedness and amateur approach towards sensitive political issues who regard Afghan Embassy London superior to other international organisations in the UK and believe that holding a protest there shall provide ultimate salvation to predicament of under-represented Hazaras in Afghanistan.

Therefore, HIFGB, HUMUK and others who had announced earlier to hold the protest in front of 10 Downing Street on 12-11-2015 has been called off to pay homage to the recently beheaded Hazaras of Afghanistan and express resolute support to their aggrieved families.

Talib Hussain Should Be Honoured Like a Hero By Civil Society

Talib Hussain (Watchman - 19-07-15)

Talib Hussain (Watchman – 19-07-15)

Talib Hussain, the unsung hero, who intercepted yesterday’s suicide bomber of Brewery Road was inadvertently quoted in an earlier press release of this Organisation as a Hazara tribesman which has now been confirmed to be an honest and sincere watchman of non-Hazara ethnicity performing his duty in Railway Housing Society at the time of the attack. This further corroborates the fact that religious extremism and terrorism in Balochistan is imported from elsewhere to keep people under continual threat while the civil society still showcase the will to curb such a menace by whatever means possible.

The sacrifice of Talib Hussain should not underestimated nor should it be taken at face value as he was the only breadwinner of his entire family. He has set an inextinguishable example for international community that Pakistanis, in general, are against terrorism lest unendorsed individual or small group-scale acts.

As Talib Hussain laid his life to protect the lives and happiness of other citizens, it is now moral and religious responsibility of everyone to fund-raise for his family so that they are not forgotten on this auspicious occasion of Eid.

In the meanwhile, HUM has decided to take up the issue with the Government of Pakistan for posthumous award-conferment (Sitara-e-Shujaat) and monetary compensation to his family on this invaluable sacrifice.

House of Commons’ Conference to highlight the abduction of 30 Afghanistani Hazaras

File Photo

File Photo

All Parties Parliamentary Group on Third World Solidarity in collaboration with Hazara International Forum of Great Britain and Hazara United Movement (HUM), United Kingdom will hold a conference in the House of Commons to highlight the abduction of 30 innocent Afghanistani Hazara passengers who were taken off local buses en route to Kabul in Shah Joyee district of Zabul province, Afghanistan. The hapless Hazara passengers were singled out and abducted by gunmen whose whereabouts are still unknown.

Holding the Conference was formally agreed upon by all the three organisations in an emergency meeting held in London on 28th February, 2015.

The details of the programme are as under:

Venue: Macmillan Room, Portcullis House, House of Commons, Bridge Street, SW1 2LW.

Time: 6:00 PM

Date: 11-03-2015.

For booking a space into this Conference, please contact the following phone numbers 07746 872 535 or 07435 523 821.

Pakistani civil society should break silence against ongoing terrorist attacks on Shias

Relatives of the victims comfort each other at PIMS Hospital in Islamabad. PHOTO: ONLINE

Relatives of the victims comfort each other at PIMS Hospital in Islamabad. PHOTO: ONLINE

Yet another terrorist attack in the last two weeks depicts the misfortune of the Pakistani citizens, especially Shias who are continuously facing these threats on their religious gatherings and places of worship. The timing and the will of the latest attack on Qasr-e-Sakina in Islamabad Imam Bargah today prove that the terrorists and religious extremists have mounted such attacks on minorities in an effort to dismantle the already developed national momentum and understanding for concrete action against all those who  dare challenge the writ of the state.

Hazara United Movement (HUM), United Kingdom firmly condemns such attacks and appeals to the civil society for standing up against terrorists to save the country. Such attacks must further strengthen the resolve and determination of the general public to fight terrorism with vigour and enthusiasm. Pakistani citizens have already done the utmost for cleansing the country off religious extremism, sectarianism, terrorism and militancy.

The Government of Pakistan must take bold and decisive action against all forms of terrorism, their sympathisers, foreign and international financiers and revamping the curriculum of the seminaries for better Pakistan.
The mainstream political leaders and parties, glorifying terrorism in the guise of Jihad must be taken into task and tried in the Special Trial Courts.

Static Protest in front of Pakistani High Commission London

File Picture

File Picture

Hazara International Forum of Great Britain and Hazara United Movement (HUM), United Kingdom have decided to jointly hold a static protest against the relentless terrorist attacks on Pakistani Shias which have, so far, killed over 85 innocent people and injuring hundreds of others. The protest will take place in front of the Pakistani High Commission in London. The details of the programmes are as under:

Date: 16-02-2015 

Venue: Pakistani High Commission, London, 34-36 Lowndes Square, London SW1X 9JN 
              (Nearest Tube Station ~ Piccadilly Line) 

Time: 12:00 Noon to 15:00 Hours

Contact: Haji Agha Marzooq Ali
                (Chairman – Hazara International Forum of Great Britain – 07746 872 535)

                Liaquat Ali Hazara
                (Chairman – Hazara United Movement (HUM), UK – 07435 523 821)

Please participate in large numbers to express solidarity with the oppressed people of Pakistan.

Government of Pakistan should shun duplicity in dealing with terrorism in Pakistan

Shikarpur (File Photo)

Shikarpur (File Photo)

Another major and mysterious incident of bomb explosion in Lakhi Dur Imam Bargah at Shikarpur, Sindh echoes high volumes of complicity of the law enforcement agencies in Pakistan for facilitating such explosions at a religious congregation which could have been avoided provided the Government of Pakistan had made sincere efforts to thwart it.

The incident, which engulfed the lives of 62 innocent worshippers and leaving scores other injured, took place on the day when the Pakistani Prime Minister was already in Karachi to offer his condolences to the Muthahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) for its slain leader, Suhail Ahmed whose body was discovered earlier in the day from Maaripur area of Karachi city. The Pakistani Premier, instead of visiting the incident scene at Shikarpur; contended in releasing a rote condemnation statement which merely depicts non-serious attitude of the Pakistani Government in dealing with extremism including religious extremism unequivocally.

Earlier last month, the mainstream political parties of Pakistan and the federal government expressed their firm resolute in dealing with terrorism across Pakistan, however, the banned religious and extremist outfits are still executing their activities while their statements are being published in the electronic and print media with sheer impunity to the 21st constitutional amendment.

This is high time that the mainstream political parties of Pakistan and the federal government drew its explicit strategy in rooting out the menace of terrorism and religious extremism from the country without marginalization of the minority communities.

Gratitude to all who campaigned to stop Forcible Removal of Liaquat Ali Hazara to Pakistan

HUM File Picture

HUM File Picture

HUM feels immense pleasure to formally announce that Liaquat Ali Hazara, the Founder and the incumbent Chairman of this Organisation; was bailed yesterday who has confirmed to arrive home safely late last night.

For LAH, these six months have been extremely demanding, testing and challenging which testified the predicaments of the detainees inside various Immigration Removals Centres across the UK. While lauding the efforts and endeavour of various British and international communities, UN agencies, human rights organisations of international-repute, Members of British Parliament, media outlets, community leaders, mayor(s) and councillors, academicians, political, welfare and academic organisations, and campaigners and supporters are, particularly, mentioned in the following lines to acknowledge the magnitude of their contribution and pay unreserved gratitude through this communique.


(i) United Nations’ Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR – Geneva)

(ii) United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR – London and Geneva)

International Human Rights Organisations

(iii) Amnesty International

(iv) Human Rights Watch

(v) Islamic Human Rights Commission

Members of the British Parliament

(vi) Jeremy Corbyn

(vii) George Galloway

(viii) Dianne Abbot

(ix) David Anderson

(x) Bob Blackman

(xi) Peter Bottomley

(xii) Ronnie Campbell

(xiii) Martin Caton

(xiv) Jim Cunningham

(xv) Mark Durkan

(xvi) Andrew George

(xvii) Roger Godsiff

(xviii) Mike Hancock

(xix) David Heyes

(xx) Kelvin Hopkins

(xxi) John McDonnell

(xxii) Alan Meale

(xxiii) Margaret Ritchie

Among the above named MPs, the kudos must be conferred to Mr. Jeremy Corbyn who tabled the motion in the EDM. In addition, it is absolutely unfair if the practical, moral and ethical support of MP, Ms. Amber Rudd is not made mention of in these lines. The par excellence contribution of MP Amber Rudd as such was exemplary throughout which will, definitely, strengthen the foundations of human values.

International Media Channels and Newspapers

(xxiv) Agence France-Presse (AFP)

(xxv) BBC Asian Network

(xxvi) The Guardian

(xxvii) The Jang and the News International

(xxviii) Geo TV Network

(xxix) Press TV

(xxx) Russia Today

Mayor (s) and councillors

(xxxi) The Mayor for Waltham Forest and its Councillors (12) who signed a Resolution, asking the UK Home Office for immediate release of LAH and reconsideration of his case.

Community Leaders

(xxxii) Haji Agha Marzooq Ali (Chairman, Hazara International Forum of Great Britain, Shakir Youth Trust and Hazara Diaspora Village Elder)

(xxxiii) Syed Ashfaq Shah

(xxxiv) Maulana Musharraf Hussaini (Minister of Religion)

(xxxv) Sadiq Noyan (President – Hazara Community Milton Keynes)

(xxxvi) Wajahat Hussain (Shia Activist)


(xxxvii) Rev Professor Nicholas Sagovsky

(xxxviii) Rebecca Murray

Political, Welfare and Academic Organisations

(xxxix) Hazara International Forum of Great Britain

(xl) Shakir Youth Trust

(xli) Helena Kennedy Foundation

(xlii) Article 26

(xliii) Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group

Human Rights Activists, campaigners and supporters

(xliv) Eisa Ali

(xlv) Adil Shahzeb

(xlvi) Murtaza Ali Shah

(xlvii) Myra MacDonald

(xlviii) Lena Mohamed

(xlix) Emma Graham-Harrison

(l) Divya Talwar

(li) Mohammad Walji

(lii) Mrs Catherine Merry

(liii) Samira Shackle

(liv) Raza Kazim (IHRC)

(lv) Maulana Musharraf Hussaini

(lvi) Asif Khan Hazara

(lvii) Muhammad Noor

(lviii) Haji Jan Ali

(lix) Nana Darkoa

Please click on the links below to watch video coverage of the story and read more about it.

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