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Talib Hussain Should Be Honoured Like a Hero By Civil Society

Talib Hussain (Watchman - 19-07-15)

Talib Hussain (Watchman – 19-07-15)

Talib Hussain, the unsung hero, who intercepted yesterday’s suicide bomber of Brewery Road was inadvertently quoted in an earlier press release of this Organisation as a Hazara tribesman which has now been confirmed to be an honest and sincere watchman of non-Hazara ethnicity performing his duty in Railway Housing Society at the time of the attack. This further corroborates the fact that religious extremism and terrorism in Balochistan is imported from elsewhere to keep people under continual threat while the civil society still showcase the will to curb such a menace by whatever means possible.

The sacrifice of Talib Hussain should not underestimated nor should it be taken at face value as he was the only breadwinner of his entire family. He has set an inextinguishable example for international community that Pakistanis, in general, are against terrorism lest unendorsed individual or small group-scale acts.

As Talib Hussain laid his life to protect the lives and happiness of other citizens, it is now moral and religious responsibility of everyone to fund-raise for his family so that they are not forgotten on this auspicious occasion of Eid.

In the meanwhile, HUM has decided to take up the issue with the Government of Pakistan for posthumous award-conferment (Sitara-e-Shujaat) and monetary compensation to his family on this invaluable sacrifice.

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