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Non-operational Public and Welfare buildings on Alamdar Road Are Dilemmas

Non-operational Public Property

Non-operational Public Property

Where the Pakistan Hazaras have been deprived of their civil liberties and confined behind secluded concrete walls in eastern and western parts of Quetta city, whose movements and mobilization are restricted to their enclaves, there the closure of public and welfare buildings is sheer dilemma. It is also an irony that the land grabbers and retired government employees are working and coordinating in tandem to keep these communal buildings inaccessible to general public.

Progressive Academic Society

Progressive Academic Society

In absolute despondency and apathy from local political parties, the responsible members of civil society starteded a sit-in protest on Alamdar Road braving cold weather to attract the attention of the Pakistan’s Federal and Balochistan’s Provincial Governments. However, the Government has routinely turned a blind eye to this urgent matter. The public and welfare buildings, which were constructed with tax-payers’ money, include a well-equipped library, IT University, sports stadium and multi-purpose community hall etc. The depreciation and decay of these public buildings amount to animosity, betrayal and usurpation to the general public.

Pad-locked Public Library

Pad-locked Public Library

HUM is extremely concerned about non-operational status of these buildings and assures the masses to take up these issues with the Pakistani High Commission, London for timely resolution.

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