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Static Protest in front of Pakistani High Commission London

File Picture

File Picture

Hazara International Forum of Great Britain and Hazara United Movement (HUM), United Kingdom have decided to jointly hold a static protest against the relentless terrorist attacks on Pakistani Shias which have, so far, killed over 85 innocent people and injuring hundreds of others. The protest will take place in front of the Pakistani High Commission in London. The details of the programmes are as under:

Date: 16-02-2015 

Venue: Pakistani High Commission, London, 34-36 Lowndes Square, London SW1X 9JN 
              (Nearest Tube Station ~ Piccadilly Line) 

Time: 12:00 Noon to 15:00 Hours

Contact: Haji Agha Marzooq Ali
                (Chairman – Hazara International Forum of Great Britain – 07746 872 535)

                Liaquat Ali Hazara
                (Chairman – Hazara United Movement (HUM), UK – 07435 523 821)

Please participate in large numbers to express solidarity with the oppressed people of Pakistan.

Government of Pakistan should shun duplicity in dealing with terrorism in Pakistan

Shikarpur (File Photo)

Shikarpur (File Photo)

Another major and mysterious incident of bomb explosion in Lakhi Dur Imam Bargah at Shikarpur, Sindh echoes high volumes of complicity of the law enforcement agencies in Pakistan for facilitating such explosions at a religious congregation which could have been avoided provided the Government of Pakistan had made sincere efforts to thwart it.

The incident, which engulfed the lives of 62 innocent worshippers and leaving scores other injured, took place on the day when the Pakistani Prime Minister was already in Karachi to offer his condolences to the Muthahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) for its slain leader, Suhail Ahmed whose body was discovered earlier in the day from Maaripur area of Karachi city. The Pakistani Premier, instead of visiting the incident scene at Shikarpur; contended in releasing a rote condemnation statement which merely depicts non-serious attitude of the Pakistani Government in dealing with extremism including religious extremism unequivocally.

Earlier last month, the mainstream political parties of Pakistan and the federal government expressed their firm resolute in dealing with terrorism across Pakistan, however, the banned religious and extremist outfits are still executing their activities while their statements are being published in the electronic and print media with sheer impunity to the 21st constitutional amendment.

This is high time that the mainstream political parties of Pakistan and the federal government drew its explicit strategy in rooting out the menace of terrorism and religious extremism from the country without marginalization of the minority communities.

Gratitude to all who campaigned to stop Forcible Removal of Liaquat Ali Hazara to Pakistan

HUM File Picture

HUM File Picture

HUM feels immense pleasure to formally announce that Liaquat Ali Hazara, the Founder and the incumbent Chairman of this Organisation; was bailed yesterday who has confirmed to arrive home safely late last night.

For LAH, these six months have been extremely demanding, testing and challenging which testified the predicaments of the detainees inside various Immigration Removals Centres across the UK. While lauding the efforts and endeavour of various British and international communities, UN agencies, human rights organisations of international-repute, Members of British Parliament, media outlets, community leaders, mayor(s) and councillors, academicians, political, welfare and academic organisations, and campaigners and supporters are, particularly, mentioned in the following lines to acknowledge the magnitude of their contribution and pay unreserved gratitude through this communique.


(i) United Nations’ Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR – Geneva)

(ii) United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR – London and Geneva)

International Human Rights Organisations

(iii) Amnesty International

(iv) Human Rights Watch

(v) Islamic Human Rights Commission

Members of the British Parliament

(vi) Jeremy Corbyn

(vii) George Galloway

(viii) Dianne Abbot

(ix) David Anderson

(x) Bob Blackman

(xi) Peter Bottomley

(xii) Ronnie Campbell

(xiii) Martin Caton

(xiv) Jim Cunningham

(xv) Mark Durkan

(xvi) Andrew George

(xvii) Roger Godsiff

(xviii) Mike Hancock

(xix) David Heyes

(xx) Kelvin Hopkins

(xxi) John McDonnell

(xxii) Alan Meale

(xxiii) Margaret Ritchie

Among the above named MPs, the kudos must be conferred to Mr. Jeremy Corbyn who tabled the motion in the EDM. In addition, it is absolutely unfair if the practical, moral and ethical support of MP, Ms. Amber Rudd is not made mention of in these lines. The par excellence contribution of MP Amber Rudd as such was exemplary throughout which will, definitely, strengthen the foundations of human values.

International Media Channels and Newspapers

(xxiv) Agence France-Presse (AFP)

(xxv) BBC Asian Network

(xxvi) The Guardian

(xxvii) The Jang and the News International

(xxviii) Geo TV Network

(xxix) Press TV

(xxx) Russia Today

Mayor (s) and councillors

(xxxi) The Mayor for Waltham Forest and its Councillors (12) who signed a Resolution, asking the UK Home Office for immediate release of LAH and reconsideration of his case.

Community Leaders

(xxxii) Haji Agha Marzooq Ali (Chairman, Hazara International Forum of Great Britain, Shakir Youth Trust and Hazara Diaspora Village Elder)

(xxxiii) Syed Ashfaq Shah

(xxxiv) Maulana Musharraf Hussaini (Minister of Religion)

(xxxv) Sadiq Noyan (President – Hazara Community Milton Keynes)

(xxxvi) Wajahat Hussain (Shia Activist)


(xxxvii) Rev Professor Nicholas Sagovsky

(xxxviii) Rebecca Murray

Political, Welfare and Academic Organisations

(xxxix) Hazara International Forum of Great Britain

(xl) Shakir Youth Trust

(xli) Helena Kennedy Foundation

(xlii) Article 26

(xliii) Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group

Human Rights Activists, campaigners and supporters

(xliv) Eisa Ali

(xlv) Adil Shahzeb

(xlvi) Murtaza Ali Shah

(xlvii) Myra MacDonald

(xlviii) Lena Mohamed

(xlix) Emma Graham-Harrison

(l) Divya Talwar

(li) Mohammad Walji

(lii) Mrs Catherine Merry

(liii) Samira Shackle

(liv) Raza Kazim (IHRC)

(lv) Maulana Musharraf Hussaini

(lvi) Asif Khan Hazara

(lvii) Muhammad Noor

(lviii) Haji Jan Ali

(lix) Nana Darkoa

Please click on the links below to watch video coverage of the story and read more about it.

The Government of Pakistan must take foolproof security measures to protect the lives of the masses.

File Picture

File Picture

Hazara United Movement (HUM), UK is aggrieved over the Hazara Town Quetta’s suicide bombing which occurred yesterday killing 5 innocent people and injuring 23 others. These perpetual attacks on the Hazaras are the failure of the security establishments and intelligence agencies as transporting explosives from far flung areas to the bustling bazaars is incredibly arduous task. These incidents cast doubt as to how the suicide bombers can reach to their targets with 8KGs of explosives and blow themselves among the local populace. These incidents exhibit that the terrorists and religious extremists have holed up among Quetta’s local populace with complicity of the government.

Both the federal and Balochistan provincial governments have taken no serious steps to eradicate the menace of religious extremism from the country. As the government, the Pakistan army and the security establishments  are boastful about the success of Zarb-e-Azb Operation in North Waziristan, this is the most appropriate time to launch the same offensive against the religious extremists and terrorists in and around Quetta city to root out this menace completely.

HUM mourns over the targeted-killing of two innocent Hazaras.

File Picture.

File Picture.

Hazara United Movement is saddened and mourns the targeted-killings of two innocent Hazaras who have become the latest victims of terrorism on Sariab Road Quetta. These targeted killings have reoccurred after the temporary pause in such attacks where the federal and Balochistan provincial governments boastfully practice the mantra of improving law and order situation in Quetta city.

As the victims were particularly searched for and then shot dead by the terrorists, it substantiates that the local population of Sariab Road is harbouring and supporting such terrorists which is extremely condemnable.

The deliberate silence of the intelligence and security agencies in Quetta cast doubts as to whether they are protecting the terrorists or the civilians.

HUM is aggrieved and sympathizes with the families of the victims over such irreparable loss of human lives.

Islamist extremists plunging Pakistan into a civil war.

Mastung Incident

Mastung Incident

Today’s tragic incident in Mastung area, on the buses of Pakistani pilgrims, disproves the claims of the Balochistan’s provincial government for improving the law and order situation in the province. The Islamist extremists have holed up in southern part of Quatta city, including Sariab Road, Akhtarabad and Mastung etc, who use these areas as a conduit to perpetuate their heinous attacks on innocent civilians. The Balochistan government’s lack of will to initiate operation cleanup against the terrorists substantiates that the government itself is protecting a handful of Islamist extremists who have flexed their muscles to take people for granted with impunity.

The incumbent Balochistan Chief Minister’s repeated appeals from terrorists to avoid killing innocent people, testifies his inability and incompetence to hold the reign of the government. He has drifted away from the constitutional obligations and betrayed public mandate entrusted to protect the lives of the people. The government’s complicity has helped these Islamist terrorists to challenge the writ and flout the rule of the law. Government’s lax attitude and inaction against the Islamist terrorists has jeopardized its sovereignty and the supremacy of the parliament. These attacks plunge Pakistan into a civil war which can only be avoidable by timely and Swat-type military operation against them.

The government cannot solace people with rote condemnations instead a tangible resolve to crush religious extremism from the country should be chalked out at the earliest. In the meanwhile, the supporters and sympathizers of the religious extremists and terrorists in and out of the parliament should be singled out in all decisions as they have endangered the otherwise plural and tolerant Pakistani society.

HUM strongly condemns the cowardly attack on the inbound passenger bus of pilgrims in Akhtarabad Quetta.

The targeted passenger bus in flames.

The targeted passenger bus in flames.

The relentless attacks on the Shias and other minorities in parts of Pakistan demand decisive measures against the Islamic extremists across the country. Pakistan is apparently in the grip of ethno-religious attacks by affiliates of Al-Qaeda such as Lashker-e-Ghangvi, Tehrek-e-Taliban Pakistan and the recently sprouting Jaish-e-Islam which have escalated their terrorist activities against the Shias, the Hindus, the Christians, the Ahmedis, the Hazaras and the other Sunni sects to plunge the country into a civil war. As their flawed interpretation of Islamic injunctions and teachings have furthered been exposed in the last decade through out the world, they are making hectic efforts to fan sectarian violence in the country to appease their masters. However, the citizens of Pakistan have demonstrated great length of patience and maturity to foil all such ignoble attempts.

The January 1 attack on the inbound passenger bus of pilgrims, en route from Pakistan’s Taftan region to Quetta; with explosive-laden vehicle near Akhtarabad area of Quetta, which killed 2 innocent people and injured 30 others; signals the severity of the situation. The repetitive attacks on innocent civilians in areas of Sariab Road and Akhtarabad in the last five years authenticate that the Islamic terrorists have established their strongholds in these localities. These are, otherwise, predominantly Baloch-dominated areas which have harboured and cherished Islamic terrorists to facilitate their attacks on innocent people. This remains a terrible fact that that the terrorists living among the local population in these areas cannot do so without keen support and sympathies of the locals.

This is a great shame on part of the successive democratic governments of Pakistan to avoid taking concrete action against a handful of Islamic terrorists which has further emboldened them to make shallow attempts of infiltrating the Hazara-populated area of Alamdar Road in case of fruit products, wrapped in colourful pages of Persian poet Hafiz Sherazi, imported from  a neighbouring country. The benighted turban-clad religious extremists who chanted inflammatory slogans, entered Alamdar Road to provoke the local inhabitants for a hostile confrontation, are aware of the fact that Alamdar Road does not border any neighbouring country nor the imported commodities were transported from the area.

In recent months, the newly-elected Balochistan provincial government made boastful claims of recovering thousands of tons of explosives and its accessories from outskirts of Quetta and demolishing a bomb-making factory in Chaman (near Afghanistan border) in a raid, however, such purported claims cannot be corroborated  in view of the non-arrest of the culprits and the lack of interest in weeding out religious extremism from the Province.

The negligence and apathy of the federal and Balochistan’s provincial governments will further lead the country towards anxiety, chaos and mayhem resulting in country-wide communal cum religious clashes which, if erupted, will char everything.