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HUM Raised the Issue of Genocide of Hazaras in the 8th UN Session on Minorities Issues in Geneva

L-R, Samah Naz, Mansour Hussein Jaffary, Sadiq Noyan, Agha Marzooq Ali, Abdul Wahed and Mrs Wahed in the UN Building, Geneva.

L-R, Samah Naz, Mansour Hussein Jaffary, Sadiq Noyan, Agha Marzooq Ali, Abdul Wahed and Mrs Wahed in the UN Building, Geneva.

Hazara United Movement (HUM), United Kingdom sent a delegation of Hazara Diaspora to the 8th UN Session on Minority Issues in Geneva, Switzerland. The two-day conference was held on 24th and 25th of this month with side events taking place and addressing the issues faced by minorities world-over. The Delegation consisted of Agha Marzooq Ali, Abdul Wahed, Sadiq Noyan, Samah Naz, Mrs Wahed and Mansour Hussein Jaffary who made a strong representation.

Samah Naz Reading the Presentation

Samah Naz Reading the Presentation

The issue of Genocide of Hazaras was the main focus and both Samah Naz and Sadiq Noyan in their deliberations to the UN highlighted this issue. Samah Naz delivered a speech on 24th November which expressed grave concern over inability of Pakistani and Afghan governments in providing security and safety to the Hazaras. Mentioning the plights of Pakistani Hazaras, she said, “Over 2,000 innocent Hazaras have been killed in Pakistan and over 4,800 people have become completely disabled in targeted killings, mass executions and assassinations. In the last 16 years, there have been over 250 terrorist attacks on Hazaras but no perpetrators have ever been apprehended nor have been brought to justice by Pakistani government. These ongoing killings have compelled them to sell out their properties on throw-away prices and leave the country with the hope of finding somewhere safer. The government has deprived them of their civil liberties by restricting them behind walls in the name of volatile situation while the terrorists are roaming around freely.”

Talking about the persecution of Hazaras in Afghanistan, she  said, “our genocide does not stop there. In Afghanistan, for example, we are facing much worse situation. The Afghan Hazaras are taken off the passengers buses, identified and then abducted by terrorist groups for brutal decapitation. Only about a month ago, seven (7) innocent Hazaras were abducted in Zabul province which included a nine (9) year old children, three women and three men. They were brutally beheaded about two weeks ago.

On 21st of this month, another unfortunate incident of abduction took place near Kandahar which included 20 innocent Hazara labourers. Their safety and whereabouts are still unknown.”

Mentioning the causes and effects of these terrorist attacks, she said, “these relentless incidents have led Hazaras to flee for their lives and thousands of them are languishing in Turkey, Iran, Indonesia and Australian detention centres.”

She appealed to the United Nations Organisations and international community to endorse the following legitimate and lawful demands:

(i) The UN must take stern notice of our ongoing killings in Pakistan and declare it officially as GENOCIDE because it fulfills the requirements of Article 2 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG).

(ii) The UN must send Special Rapporteur for Extra Judicial Killings, Arbitrary Killings and Executions to Pakistan and Afghanistan to meet the Hazaras in person and take their grievances for end solution.

(iii) The UN must send Special Rapporteur for Minority Issues to Pakistan and Afghanistan to meet the Hazaras in person and take their grievances for end solution.

(iv) The UN must send Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants to Iran, Turkey, Indonesia and Australia to meet the Hazara asylum seekers in person and take notice of their genuine grievances.

(v) The international community and international donors must link their financial aid to Pakistan and Afghanistan with fool proof protection of minorities including Hazaras.

(vi) The international community and international donors must ask Iran and Indonesia to shun inhuman and degrading treatments to minorities including Hazaras and providing better facilities to the migrants and asylum seekers.

(vii) The UN agencies, international community and donor agencies must build vocational centres, educational establishments and health centres etc for Hazaras in Quetta, Pakistan and Hazara-inhabited areas in Afghanistan.

Similarly, Sadiq Noyan made a representation on the following day which revolved around root causes of discrimination in administration of justice.

Sadiq Noyan Delivering Speech

Sadiq Noyan Delivering Speech

His deliberation also included the issue of Genocide of Hazaras as well as abuse of law which become disproportionate with Universal Chartered of Human Rights and the UN’s Mandate on the rights of minorities.

He said,  “focusing on Pakistan as an example where the infamous Hudood Ordinance and Blasphemy Law are used to implicate falsified charges against minorities such as Christians, Hindus and Ahmadis etc. Such discriminatory legislation has deprived minorities off the Right to Life.

Focusing on the predicaments of Pakistani Hazaras, he said, “Unlike Christian, Hindus and Ahmadi minorities, Hazaras are suffering from a different kind of persecution in Pakistan and Afghanistan whose target-killers and perpetrators are either covertly supported by governments in killing them or the safe escape of the killers is guaranteed. In the last 16 years, Pakistani Hazaras have been killed ruthlessly in broad daylight but their killers and perpetrators have not been arrested which exhibits complicity of government. Most of the terrorist attacks on Pakistani Hazaras have happened in red zone area of the city where security personnel are standing guard at a distance of a 15-20 meters but still the murderers escape. There were instances where university students were financed, trained and supported to kill Hazaras and some of them were arrested recently. They are emboldened to the extent that when a journalist interviewed the killers, they were so confident to get out on bail soon and resume such killings as they were receiving handsome stipend from their financiers.”

Talking about the worsening living conditions of Hazaras in Afghanistan, he said, “the Afghan government seems to have partnered with so-called terrorist organisations to kill innocent Hazaras. There are credible video proofs where the terrorists, after killing Hazaras in parts of Afghanistan, are aided by uniformed security officials in their escape. Hamid Karzia used to call Taliban his brothers whose war crimes against humanity in Afghanistan can never be neglected. When the religious extremists, terrorists, their supporters, financiers and sympathizers etc are not brought to justice, then, how can one expect the supremacy of law?”

Following the two-day UN Session on Minority Issues, the Delegation also held a separate meeting with the UN to discuss the issue of Genocide of Hazaras with the request for endorsement of the above mentioned points which fall in the purview of the UN mandate.
Jang News Coverage

Jang News Coverage

HUM in Geneva (Jang Newspaper - 25-11-15)


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