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Pakistan Should Prosecute Religious Extremists Involved in Killings of Minorities

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With arrest of RAW’s undercover agent from Balochistan, whose preliminary investigation has revealed his collaboration with religious extremists for subversive activities in Balochistan, the Pakistani Government must initiate a broader investigation to ascertain the involvement of religious extremists, their in-country patrons and financiers and prosecute them under anti-terrorism laws.

In particular, the banned religious extremist organisation such as Ahle Sunnat Wal Jama’at (ASWJ), its sympathizers, supporters and leaders have been spreading religious intolerance, extremism, communal hatred and terrorism across the country whose large-scale terrorist activities chronicles rigorous financial support from  Saudi Arabia and India, therefore, the Federal Government should arrest its leaders and try them in military courts.

Moreover, the arrest of RAW’s intelligence agent from Balochistan shall not exonerate the Government of its constitutional obligations in providing fool-proof security to its citizens, especially the minority communities of the country.

HUM Participates In an Event Marked to Raise Voice for Minorities of Pakistan

Never Forget London, part of an international NGO which consists of members of civil society in the UK as well as in Pakistan to raise voice against persecution and show solidarity with minorities of Pakistan, held an event outside Pakistani High Commission London on 14-06-2015. The event started at 15:00 hours which included slogans against religious intolerance, militancy and terrorism in Pakistan. The event was coupled with revolutionary, devotional and attributive songs to pay tribute to the innocent Pakistani civilians who became the targets of religious bigotry, extremism and terrorism.

HUM also joined the event to support such cause and Liaquat Ali Hazara was requested to make a speech expressing solidarity with victims of extremism.


He thanked the organisers of the event for inviting HUM and incorporating the voice of Hazaras who, like other extremist-hit Pakistanis, would like to be heard, solaced and sympathized with. He started with describing the colours of the Pakistani flag and said the Green represents Islam while Crescent and Five-rayed star symbolizes prosperity and the white stripe symbolizing minorities. But, unfortunately, mammoth targeted attacks and suicide bombings have completely changed the White Stripe into Red which can only be restored to its previous order provided the state takes stern action in eradicating the menace of religious extremism and terrorism from country. He quoted the verses of the Quran and said that Allah has fixed a day for punishing the wrong-doers as well as rewarding the righteous ones and no one has the right to take the lives of others on the pretext of booking a plot in heaven. He continued that Pakistan was founded by secular leaders such as Quaid-e-Azam who emancipated his countrymen from religious bigotry and faith-based hatred by saying that you can go to your mosques, churches and other places of worship and the state has nothing to do with it. He assured the event-attendees that the youth can restore the true spirit of Quaid’s Pakistan by defying mullah’s false interpretation of Islamic teachings and injunctions.  He appealed to the audience to use their resources and raise voice against discriminatory and derogatory laws in Pakistan which have usurped the rights of women and minorities such as the Hudood Ordinance and the Blasphemy Law. He stressed upon the need that these laws be repealed as they have always been used to further the political interests of mullahs.

He also revealed to the audience that the Hazaras in Pakistan feel more pain than others whenever religious extremists and terrorists kill innocent people. He said that whenever such a tragic incident happens anywhere in the country, the Hazaras take out candle-lit processions on Alamdar Road Quetta as well as organise fatheha khawani for the departed souls while pray for rapid recovery of the injured.

The event ended peacefully at 17:00 hours and Never Forget London’s branch in Karachi Pakistan will hold a similar event on 16-06-2015. More pictures and video coverage of the event will become available soon.

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