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Pakistan Should Prosecute Religious Extremists Involved in Killings of Minorities

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With arrest of RAW’s undercover agent from Balochistan, whose preliminary investigation has revealed his collaboration with religious extremists for subversive activities in Balochistan, the Pakistani Government must initiate a broader investigation to ascertain the involvement of religious extremists, their in-country patrons and financiers and prosecute them under anti-terrorism laws.

In particular, the banned religious extremist organisation such as Ahle Sunnat Wal Jama’at (ASWJ), its sympathizers, supporters and leaders have been spreading religious intolerance, extremism, communal hatred and terrorism across the country whose large-scale terrorist activities chronicles rigorous financial support from  Saudi Arabia and India, therefore, the Federal Government should arrest its leaders and try them in military courts.

Moreover, the arrest of RAW’s intelligence agent from Balochistan shall not exonerate the Government of its constitutional obligations in providing fool-proof security to its citizens, especially the minority communities of the country.

The Government must immediately initiate operation clean-up against the terrorists in Quetta.

DIG Operations, Fayyaz Sumbal's File Picture

DIG Operations, Fayyaz Sumbal’s File Picture

The compromising state of law enforcement and intelligence agencies’ in Pakistan, with the Islamist militants of religious organisations; has endangered the lives of innocent citizens so much so that the talented and hard-working calibre of the society feel completely helpless. Today’s suicide attack in Quetta Police Line, during a funeral prayer of SHO Mohibullah, testifies the reiterated statements of HUM that they have deeply penetrated their sympathisers and supporters into law enforcement and intelligence agencies to guarantee the success of their attacks.

This is about time the government realized the gravity of the situation and exercised vetting procedures to single out the sympathisers, supporters and financiers of these terrorists working in law enforcement and secret agencies for strict legal action. The government’s hesitant and non-serious stance for a complete operation cleanup against the terrorists of religious organisation in and around Quetta city has emboldened  them to take the entire society hostage whenever wanted.
Further delay in not taking stern action against the perpetrators in Balochistan province will cause severe chaos and mayhem which may only be prevented should robust and honest operation clean up start immediately.

Our heart goes to the families of the martyrs in this sorrowful time while we pray for the rapid recovery of the injured.

The Government of Pakistan must launch surgical operation against religious extremists in Quetta.

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File Picture

Hazara United Movement strongly condemns the brutal killing of two innocent Hazara youth who became the latest target of cold-blooded attack on 15-05-2012. The perpetual attacks on innocent citizens in Quetta city suffice that the provincial Balochistan government’s non-serious attitude to curb the menace. The religious extremists cannot execute their the spate of targeted attacks without the covert support of law enforcement agencies and the serving Balochistan ministers. The safe escape of the terrorists, after every incident, raises many doubts about the will of the Balochistan provincial government to deal with the issue seriously. The provincial government revealed last week that a new security plan has been devised which incurs Rs. 12 billion to provide foolproof security to the lives of the people. Nonetheless, the repetitive incidents of targeted killings in Quetta raise volumes of high concern about its widespread promulgation. 

Hazara United Movement condoles with the families of the victims and appeals to the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan to exercise their constitutional powers to restore law and order in the city, advising the relevant quarters of surgical operation against the terrorists in and around Quetta city. 

HUM also appeals to all the political parties of Pakistan to utilize their democratic rights of initiating a full-fledged debate on the ongoing ethnic persecution of Hazaras in National Assembly of Pakistan and urge upon the government of stern action against the terrorists.

HUM also appeals to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo motu notice of these incidents and provide justice to the affectees.