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The Targeted Killings of Two Hazaras on Fatima Jinnah Road Are State’s Security and Intelligence Failure

Muhammad Ali shot dead in his shoe shop on Fatima Jinnah Road on 02-03-2022.

The gruesome targeted killings of two innocent shoe merchants on Fatima Jinnah Road Quetta speak volumes of state’s perpetual security and intelligence failure which have forced the beleaguered Hazaras to venture out of their secluded enclaves at their own risk.

Zulfiqar Ali shot dead on Fatima Jinnah Road on 02-03-2022.

The latest cold-blooded killings of Hazaras have extended the two decade long genocide which are orchestrated and intensified in the wake of vested interests. The so-called “unknowns” successfully spread fear and leave their imprints after every terrorist attack but the state’s security and intelligence operatives continually fail to apprehend them. Worse is the fact that Pakistan’s mainstream electronic and print media outlets skilfully masked these killings with another subsequent bomb blast which killed and injured a score of police officials.

The federal and the provincial governments deliberately ignored the terrorist attack to avoid international backlash.

International Community Should Not Recognise the Taliban Unless Equal Power-Sharing With All Stakeholders Guaranteed

The debacle of Kabul may have shocked the western world but for political analysts and experts privy to internal Afghan issues; this is not surprising at all. With the arrival of the Taliban to reign the country, Afghanistan has returned to the early 90s catastrophic era which is awaiting unending civil war, bloodshed, massacre and gross human rights violations. The sleeper cells of all sectarian outfits and terrorist organisations have decades’ long strategic and logistic partnership with the Taliban and Afghanistan seems to become the breeding ground and epicentre of terrorism. The war-torn and poverty-stricken volatile country is already rife with ethnic, religious and sectarian violence which is likely to set heart-wrenching precedence as like-minded warlords and factions have started forming alliances to fight tooth and nail against the Taliban.

The west spent over 2 trillion US dollars to rebuild the country’s infrastructure and train the Afghan army but the 350,000 army and paramilitary personnel fell like a wall of sand. The international funders, policy-makers, political pundits and military hawks completely failed to realise and recognise the bona fide leaders of the country resulting in absolute waste of resources and their defeat. The west, as always, miscalculated the sincerity and honesty of legitimate Afghan leadership who were cornered to plant their own puppets. Thus, they blindly trusted one Afghan faction by awarding them the lion’s share, which, otherwise, has centuries’ old infamous record of destroying world peace by producing suicide bombers and being against the human rights of minorities, children, girls and women. The outcome of such insane and unrealistic decisions has produced the same anti-humane and anti-societal result as before.

Ashraf Ghani, a malfunctioned, incapacitated and incompetent tout, proudly followed the footsteps of his predecessors and expressed his sheer complicity by handing over the entire country in golden plate to the Kalashnikov-wielding ignorant Taliban and absconding the country with multi-million dollars-stuffed suitcases. The International Community should immediately arrest Ashraf Ghani and indict him for crimes against humanity and massive corrupt practices.

Latest credible and verifiable reports from human sources in Afghanistan echo worrying tidings as the Taliban have started door-to-door search to purge the dissenters and members of ethnic minority groups. The formation of alliances between warring factions is displaying further destruction and worse civil war is flaring-up fast.

The International Community should take holistic approach to resolve the disputes between warring factions by guaranteeing the equal power-sharing of all ethnicities. The Taliban should not be recognised unless a legitimate national coalition government equally representing all stakeholders is formed.

Ghani’s warmongering tactics will further destabilise Afghanistan

File Picture

Ashraf Ghani has upgraded his warmongering tactics to the next level in sheer violation of international covenants and treaties by killing innocents civilians who hail from the decades-old, marginalised and persecuted ethnic Hazaras. The latest waves of these killings have been started in Behsud District and the first phase of arbitrary and inhumane persecution has extended to the suburbs of Bamiyan. The aerial bombardment of civilians in Behsud District and the deployment of heavy contingents of security forces to the outskirts of Bamiyan province display Ghani’s dictatorial and Draconian intention to suppress Hazara population.

Ghani has always supported and provided logistics supports to terrorist organisations to further the hegemonic interests of Pashtun and deepen their strategic depth in and outside Afghanistan. In an effort to gather strategic and financial support for the Pashtun, an adviser of the incumbent Afghan President met with Israel’s proactive radical professor, Hilel Weiss in January 2020 in Dehli India and pleaded for support of Pashtuns. The news was aired by Israel’s reliable TV channel, i24new.

AS the Pashtuns, by and large, profess to be the lost tribes of Israel, therefore, Ashraf Ghani has stepped up all out efforts to materialise the multifaceted long-term gains by suppress other nationalities and ethnicities of Afghanistan as well as amassing financial and strategic support from Israel.

The popular Resistance Movement, which represents all persecuted and under-represented ethnic groups of Afghanistan, has sprung out from the war-stricken and under-privileged lower middle class of the Afghans. They feel compelled to pick up arms and defend themselves in the face of Afghan government’s collaboration with terrorist groups.

Ghani’s aerial and ground bombardments of Hazara civilian population in central Afghanistan are tantamount to war against humanity and the international community should immediately intervene to stop mass execution of innocent people and hold Ashraf Ghani accountable for his heinous crimes.

Pakistani Proxies Slaughtered Innocent Hazara Coalmine Workers at Mach

Photo Courtesy: Facebook Social Media

The first week of 2021 witnessed a gruesome and cowardly terrorist attack on Pakistani Hazaras when more than 11 Hazara coalmine labourers became the latest victims of terrorism. The unfortunate Hazara coalmine workers were singled out from others, blindfolded and their hands were tied behind them and they were slaughtered from their napes. Later, the so-called terrorist organisation Daesh claimed responsibility in an electronic message.
The state-sponsored terrorist attack was staged and completed at Mach on 3 January, 2021. Mach is a small town which is situated in Bolan District of Balochistan province. Mach is about 70 km (44 miles) southeast of Quetta.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook Social Media

The Pakistani Hazaras, although they have been living in the country centuries before the birth of Pakistan, have faced hundreds of terrorist attacks in the forms of suicide bombings and targeted attacks which resulted in the loss of thousands of innocent lives. These orchestrated terrorist attacks have continued since, at least 1999 but the state has hardly exercised its constitutional responsibilities to apprehend the perpetrators, their masterminds, the financiers and their accomplices. Such unreserved apathy of the state’s intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies warrants for crimes against humanity and testifies Pakistan’s state-level complicity with the so-called terrorist organisation.

Fast reverse to the terrorist attack of 28th April 2018, when the international protests from Hazara Diaspora living abroad exerted adequate pressure on the incumbent Army Chief of Pakistan to visit and meet the aggrieved minority group and remedy their grievances; the level and gravity of these terrorist attacks were temporarily halted but the latest terrorist attack overshadows the solemn and religious oath of the incumbent Army Chief who guaranteed to safeguard the lives of Hazaras.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook Social Media

Following the terrorist attack of 28th April 2018, the then Chief Justice of Pakistan took suo moto notice and termed it as Genocide of Hazara ethnicity in an instant court hearing. Unfortunately, the subsequent court hearings by his successor Chiefs Justice of Pakistan have been deliberately placed at a snail’s pace.
This is owing to Pakistan’s Judiciary being massively marred with corrupt judges who only tend to sell out bespoke and tailored judicial decisions to the elite class while the cases of gross human rights violations linger for years without any tangible outcomes.
The latest terrorist attack taking place at Mach, Bolan has triggered a wave of uncertainty and alienation of Hazara support for Pakistan because the rote consolatory statements and shallow reassurances from the top military and civil brass of the country has proved to be superficial and untrustworthy.
Following the Mach terrorist attack, the protesters have staged a sit-in protest in below zero temperature by blocking the western bypass road for all inbound and outbound traffic, demanding from state to end decades’ long killings of innocent people at the hands of their strategic assets. The protesters have thronged to the protest scene in large numbers which include women and children.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook Account of Khadeem Hussain (

Till publishing of this report, Pakistan’s federal and provincial governments had not visited the protesters nor had they contacted them for redressal of their grievances.

Pakistan Should Prosecute Religious Extremists Involved in Killings of Minorities

File Picture

With arrest of RAW’s undercover agent from Balochistan, whose preliminary investigation has revealed his collaboration with religious extremists for subversive activities in Balochistan, the Pakistani Government must initiate a broader investigation to ascertain the involvement of religious extremists, their in-country patrons and financiers and prosecute them under anti-terrorism laws.

In particular, the banned religious extremist organisation such as Ahle Sunnat Wal Jama’at (ASWJ), its sympathizers, supporters and leaders have been spreading religious intolerance, extremism, communal hatred and terrorism across the country whose large-scale terrorist activities chronicles rigorous financial support from  Saudi Arabia and India, therefore, the Federal Government should arrest its leaders and try them in military courts.

Moreover, the arrest of RAW’s intelligence agent from Balochistan shall not exonerate the Government of its constitutional obligations in providing fool-proof security to its citizens, especially the minority communities of the country.

The Government must immediately initiate operation clean-up against the terrorists in Quetta.

DIG Operations, Fayyaz Sumbal's File Picture

DIG Operations, Fayyaz Sumbal’s File Picture

The compromising state of law enforcement and intelligence agencies’ in Pakistan, with the Islamist militants of religious organisations; has endangered the lives of innocent citizens so much so that the talented and hard-working calibre of the society feel completely helpless. Today’s suicide attack in Quetta Police Line, during a funeral prayer of SHO Mohibullah, testifies the reiterated statements of HUM that they have deeply penetrated their sympathisers and supporters into law enforcement and intelligence agencies to guarantee the success of their attacks.

This is about time the government realized the gravity of the situation and exercised vetting procedures to single out the sympathisers, supporters and financiers of these terrorists working in law enforcement and secret agencies for strict legal action. The government’s hesitant and non-serious stance for a complete operation cleanup against the terrorists of religious organisation in and around Quetta city has emboldened  them to take the entire society hostage whenever wanted.
Further delay in not taking stern action against the perpetrators in Balochistan province will cause severe chaos and mayhem which may only be prevented should robust and honest operation clean up start immediately.

Our heart goes to the families of the martyrs in this sorrowful time while we pray for the rapid recovery of the injured.

The Government of Pakistan must launch surgical operation against religious extremists in Quetta.

File Picture

File Picture

Hazara United Movement strongly condemns the brutal killing of two innocent Hazara youth who became the latest target of cold-blooded attack on 15-05-2012. The perpetual attacks on innocent citizens in Quetta city suffice that the provincial Balochistan government’s non-serious attitude to curb the menace. The religious extremists cannot execute their the spate of targeted attacks without the covert support of law enforcement agencies and the serving Balochistan ministers. The safe escape of the terrorists, after every incident, raises many doubts about the will of the Balochistan provincial government to deal with the issue seriously. The provincial government revealed last week that a new security plan has been devised which incurs Rs. 12 billion to provide foolproof security to the lives of the people. Nonetheless, the repetitive incidents of targeted killings in Quetta raise volumes of high concern about its widespread promulgation. 

Hazara United Movement condoles with the families of the victims and appeals to the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan to exercise their constitutional powers to restore law and order in the city, advising the relevant quarters of surgical operation against the terrorists in and around Quetta city. 

HUM also appeals to all the political parties of Pakistan to utilize their democratic rights of initiating a full-fledged debate on the ongoing ethnic persecution of Hazaras in National Assembly of Pakistan and urge upon the government of stern action against the terrorists.

HUM also appeals to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo motu notice of these incidents and provide justice to the affectees.

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