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Pakistani government must provide foolproof security to the minorities.

General Physician, Dr Sher Ali Hazara's file photo.

General Physician, Dr Sher Ali Hazara’s file photo.

Four innocent Shias including a Hazara general physician, Dr Sher Ali Hazara were target-killed in different parts of Pakistan yesterday which alarms the surge in the killings of innocent people in the country. The latest tragic incidents show that the religious extremists are making every effort to escalate sectarian tension in the country before the month of Muharram to perturb the law and order situation which requires immediate remedial measures by the government. The corrupt and opportunist politicians have handed over the entire country to the religious terrorists who are taking innocent lives with minimal fear of facing prosecution. Similarly, the role of judicial activism in the country has become highly objectionable for it turns deaf ear to these unprovoked killings.

The recent spate of targeted attacks against the Hazaras, the Christians,  Ahmedis and the Hindu minorities demand speedy operation clean-up by the government against the religious extremists in worst-affected areas such as the Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa, Karachi and adjoining areas of Quetta city.

The Pakistani government’s role in providing security to the lives and property of the minorities in Pakistan has declined badly as the terrorists flee the scenes after performing the tasks.

Dr Sher Ali Hazara, besides his obligations as a medical doctor, furthered the voice of the Hazaras and Shias in matters of human rights violations as the General Secretary of Hazara Mughal Yekjehti Forum of Pakistan by organising and leading press conference(s), static demonstrations and rallies.

HUM pays homage to his aggreived family and the HMYF for his strenuous socio-political activism and pray to the Almighty to solace the heirs and kins of this irraparable loss.

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