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The cold-blooded killings of Pakistani Hazaras is indictment against the government.

Bodies of the Hazara coalmine labourers being loaded onto a pickup Datsun.

Bodies of the Hazara coalmine labourers being loaded onto a pickup Datsun.

After a cessation in the targeted killings of the Pakistani Hazaras, the terrorists have again dared to kill innocent people with impunity which are indictment against the federal and provincial governments of Pakistan.

Yesterday’s targeted killings of the Hazara coalmine labourers in Mach area of Bolan district testify that the government lacks interest to exercise preventive measures to curb such menace. The willingness of the federal and Balochistan’s provincial governments to initiate a peace talk with the terrorists ascertains their intention to use these terrorists as proxies in the region in future which is highly condemnable.

The Governor Balochistan, in a press statement, accepted the fact that the deteriorating law and order situation in the province is the failure of the intelligence agencies. This statement must not be taken at face value in that the highest public office holder laments about the intelligence agencies’ complicity with the terrorists and religious extremists to exacerbate the security situation.

The ongoing genocide of Pakistani Hazaras require urgent attention of the world community including the human rights organisations to take practical measures for complete halt of these unjustified killings. The mainstream nationalist political parties of Pakistan must also make sincere and meaningful efforts in providing complete security to the minorities including the Hazaras.

HUM proffers its deepest condolences to the aggrieved families of the Hazara coalmine labourers who fell victims to unprovoked firing resulting in their instant demise.

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