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HUM Participates in a conference on Ethiopian Human Rights

LAH Delivering a Speech in the House of Lords

LAH Delivering a Speech in the House of Lords

The Ogaden Civic Society, UK organised a conference in the House of Lords to invite views from minority rights groups, human rights activists, members of parliament, Lords and other active members of civil society about the on-going grave human rights abuses in Ethiopia. A large number of people of all walks of life, including the representative of Amnesty International for East Africa, minorities rights’ organisations, intellectuals and MPs attended the conference to pledge their support to the Ethiopian people.

A handbill, distributed among the people, highlighted mass human rights violations perpetrated by the Ethiopian army including its security agencies, appealing to the international community for taking serious action against the Ethiopian government.

Among other valuable speakers, Liaquat Ali Hazara – representing Hazara United Movement (HUM), United Kingdom was invited for sharing his views over the ongoing persecution of minorities in South Asian countries including Afghanistan with emphasis on strategic and tactical approaches towards combating the spread of religious extremism, militancy, terrorism and intolerance in the region.

LAH sketched a clear picture of the volatile situation with particular focus on the extension of ISIS from Middle East to countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan. He expressed grave concern and urged the international community for taking the right step at the right time to harness such menace.

He also thanked the Ogaden Civic Society for organising the conference and hoped that such initiatives could bring together minorities on a platform for greater community cohesion and integration.

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