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Hazara United Movement denounces the brutal attacks on the Hazaras of Pakistan.

Spini Road

Hazara United Movement (HUM) condemns the ruthless targeted killings of the Hazaras of Pakistan who have been facing ceaseless attacks of a handful of terrorists in Quetta, Balochistan for 13 years. The three consecutive attacks in the past days on the Hazaras at designated areas of Quetta city have proved the inefficiency and apathy of the provincial government towards providing security to the local inhabitants. Apparently, Aslam Raisani has handed over the entire Quetta city to the terrorists who comfortably target the Hazaras on the basis of their race, belief and identity. In the last three days, 11 innocent people have lost their lives while 6 others have been critically injured. The attacks exhibit the hidden hands in the corridor of powers to support, harbour and provide safe havens to the target killers in that no criminals have been apprehended to date. In today’s incident, the police check post was at a distance of 15 yards from the main scene which raises doubts about the ability of law enforcement agencies to protect the lives of the people. HUM also condemns the irresponsible  act of the paramilitary troops and the police whose firing engulfed the lives of three innocent protesters. 

Police Check Post

Police Check Post

Hazara United Movement condoles to the families of the victims and appeals to the federal government to take stern action against the terrorists, their financiers and supporters in Quetta city. HUM also urges the federal government to appoint a serving Supreme Court Judge for thorough investigation into the matter especially the unprovoked firing of the Frontier Corps and the district police on innocent protesters.   

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