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Daily Archives: 16/02/2013

HUM appeals to the Quetta-dwellers to remain calm

A scene from the Kirani Road Bomb Blast

A scene from the Kirani Road Bomb Blast

Hazara United Movement (HUM) strongly condemns today’s bomb blast on Kirani Road Quetta which taken the lives of more than 47 people with over 150 people injured. Despite numerous security check posts and stop and search policy, the performance of the security agencies is questionable as to how explosives can be transported to the city without check. The security personnel, intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies are responsible for this callous bomb blast. There are elements in the provincial administration and security agencies who facilitate these perpetual attacks. 

HUM appeals to the Human Rights organisations and the international community to exert meaningful pressure on the Government of Pakistan to taken concrete steps against the Islamist terrorists, their financiers and perpetrators.

Regarding the turmoil, an emergency meeting has been summoned to formalise the next step.

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