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Hazara United Movement expresses gratitude to all supporters of the sit-in protests.

(London Protesters - File Picture)

(London Protesters – File Picture)

The tragic suicide attack and bomb blast(s) of Alamdar Road Quetta took away over 107 innocent lives to stage a sit-in protest against the oppressed and callous Balochistan government. The movement brought a sense of agility and reawakening among all the factions of Pakistani society who stood by the families of victims regardless of creed, race, language, cultural background and religion.

Hazara United Movement formally extends gratitude to the members of civil society, the Pakistani and International media, the campaigners, human rights activists, organisations of Sunni school of thought, the Christian, the Hindus, all Shi’ite organisations, men, women, children, elderly people and others who came out of their homes in frigid weather to share the sorrows of Pakistani Hazaras, support and exhibit solidarity with them. The successful completion of the protest may not have been possible without the help and support of all those who worked round the clock to remove the incapable, corrupt and unruly Balochistan provincial government.

HUM feels greatly obliged of the organisations working in the UK which mobilised people to stage an immediate sit-in protest in front of the Pakistani Embassy in London in support of the Hazaras of Quetta. All the organisers, volunteers, contributors, brothers, sisters, men, women, children especially those who participated in the sit-in protest with their 10 days and a few months old babies have demonstrated unparalleled support and sympathy with the victims and their families.

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