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The Pakistani Hazaras should take internal security in own hands.

A scene of bomb blast on Alamdar Road

A scene of bomb blast on Alamdar Road

Hazara United Movement strongly condemns the yesterday’s bomb blasts of Meezan Chowk and Alamdar Road which engulfed the lives of more than 100 innocent people and injuring over hundred others.
The Federal and the Provincial Governments are held responsible for these attacks who have miserably failed to protect the lives and property of the people. The recent incidents of targeted killings of Hazaras in Quetta, Khuzdar and Mach etc of Balochistan province exemplify that the elements of intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies as well as the Balochistan Provincial Government are covertly supporting the handful of terrorists to further escalate tension in Quetta.

In the wake of the unabated attacks on Hazaras’ lives, it has been learnt that thousands of Hazaras who had been living peacefully in Mach, Bolan District for decades are now forcibly driven out of their properties to leave the country. The unconstitutional Balochistan Provincial Government, Chief Minister Aslam Raisani and his cabinet members are held responsible for this massive human displacement.

Quetta has been turned into a battlefield through a series of bomb blasts and repeated incidents of targeted attacks which demands for strict security measures of their own. The Pakistani Hazaras must take serious steps to formulating a strategy which can address the challenges of internal security system.

The threats and press statements of banned terrorists organisations including the Lashker-e-Jhangvi etc are being published on local and national dailies with impunity which are mockery of the Apex Court’s preceding directives banning publication and news/media coverage of such activities of the terrorists.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan and the Chief Justice Balochistan High Court are requested to take Suo Motu action against the media groups and their owners who equally contribute to glorify terrorism and sectarianism in the country.

Hazara United Movement is extremely saddened over recent bomb blasts of Meezan Chowk and Alamdar Road extending its sincerest condolences to the aggrieved families and praying for rapid recovery of the injured ones.

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