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Unabated Targeted Killings of Hazaras Expose Government’s Compicity

Deceased Muhammad Nabi (Coalmine Labourer)

Deceased Muhammad Nabi (Coalmine Labourer)

Today, two innocent Hazaras became the latest victims of terrorists on Sariab Road, Quetta when the poor coalmine labourers were target killed. According to sources, the assailants stopped an auto rickshaw and identified the victims as Hazaras before shooting them from point blank. As usual, the target-killers fled the scene after the attack.

Ghulam Nabi (Coalmine Worker)

Ghulam Nabi (Coalmine Worker)

The unabated targeted attacks on innocent Hazaras, which are started after intervals, exhibit malign intention of the government to penetrate an environment of fear and insecurity among minorities. This is a shame that the government routinely issues condemnatory statements after these incidents without taking any practical steps against the culprits. The lack of serious efforts in arresting the terrorists and religious extremists glorifying such killings further show that the government is covertly supporting them.

The leaders of the banned terrorist organisation, ie., Ahle Sunnat Wal Jama’at (ASWJ) are sharing and enjoying the full support of the government and its security agencies as their inflammatory press statements provide breeding grounds for such inhumane attacks on minorities including Hazaras.

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